Refund Policy

Easy Recovery Essentials is a line of NeoSmart Technologies' bootable repair and recovery software for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. These CDs are only intended for use to repair existing and legally-licensed copies of Windows; Easy Recovery Essentials cannot be used to (re)install Windows.

These CDs are provided as a service to the community in the hope that they will be helpful in repairing a machine. There is no guarantee that the recovery CD will solve each and every problem our customers encounter.

Easy Recovery Essentials, like other NeoSmart Technologies software, is provided as a tool to aid in the repair and recovery of malfunctioning computers. In case our server records indicate you were unable to complete the download for whatever reason, we will gladly offer a full refund. In the event that EasyRE is found by our support professionals to be malfunctioning or incompatible with your PC, customer support agents can issue a full refund. As no software can be considered a panacea for all PC problems, guarantees of PC repair are not made and refunds cannot be issued for cases where the damage to the PC exceeds the scope of Easy Recovery Essential's repair abilities.

Privacy Policy

We respect and honor your privacy. NeoSmart Technologies will never sell, rent, disclose, or share the private information you share with anyone. The information you provided will only be used to process your order (including sending the needed information to the credit card processing companies), email you the download link, and help us provide a high-level of support and quality assurance for our customers.