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Waiting for support?
By Clarence on October 4, 2017

Did not work for me. I have emailed for help, but at this point have not heard back. I will update this review if a solution is found.

Update: Support got back to me and Ali was able to help me with the problem. My comp works now.

Happy Windows 10 Home User
By James on August 3, 2016

I was desparate, and decided $20 after 3 hours of Google, bootrec, and bcdboot was worth a shot.

Best $20 ever spent -- burned the ISO to a CD, booted (slowly, it's a CD after all), ran the auto repair, and life is good.

This thing really works. Shame I didn't pick it up for free during the Windows 10 TP, but I really didn't plan on having my PC crash/burn the way it did... Highly recommended; as others have said, this is a real world review and recommendation. Do it sooner rather than later -- I wish I had my evening back!

By Tom Moore on September 9, 2015

A couple of days ago when I was removed from civilization and lacking in sleep, I started working on the partitions on my external hard drive.

Only one small problem, I was actually working on my Windows 10 internal boot drive. And yes, you can guess what happened. I zapped my MBR/GBR. :-(

When I got home, I ran CloneZilla to back up my internal drive. That took nearly two hours.

Then downloaded your Windows 10 ERE and burned a DVD with it. Booted off the DVD which took forever. Eventually I was given the choice of doing the automated fix. As you probably already know, the MBR/GBR fix took perhaps a minute and I could boot my system.

My only complaint was that I took two hours imaging my internal drive before using ERE. But that is the safe thing to do.

THANK YOU for having the downloadable ERE. You saved my sanity. That helps. I will have to figure out something to purchase from you to support your free downloadable ERE.

Thank you again for being there.

Doesn't work for me
By Nate E. on November 21, 2014

Purchased the Pro version for $40. Had high hopes reading these reviews, of course they probably remove the negative ones - hence there aren't any.

Had a Win 8 PC that was caught in constant reboot loop. Created the Bootale CD and it loaded ok. Ran Automatic Repair said it completed successfully. However PC continued to do same thing. Ran it a couple more times, each time saying it was successful, but it pc still reboots same as before.

Emailed for support. Probably will have to dispute the charge on my card. What a waste of time and money!

NOT a scam, actually works.
By David on October 28, 2017

Long story short this software works. This is not a scam. I spent about 5 hours of my own time trying to fix this problem with every Youtube video on the internet. This software fixed it in about 5 mins. Very good software. This is NOT a scam.


windows 10 pro bootmanager error
By jaap koenders on March 31, 2016

short story first, some years ago i bought a ocz synapse ssd which uses a cache speedup, which is also a bootmanager placed on the C drive, but it was a slow thing, so i upgraded later to a samsung 840 as c drive, but the synapse ssd had to be always present,because somehow it also has the info of the other drives in its bootsector which is placed on the C drive,everything went smoothly, till i bought a samsung 950 m.2 ssd, and migrated the 840 samsung to the new 950 samsung, then took the old 840 out, "removed the sata cable",and tried to boot from the 950, then it showed the dreaded bootmanager missing error

couldnt fix it, so i had to revert back to the 840 sam, red about easybcd, and easyre, decided to try to fix the 950 sam with easyre, and after download and install on a usb stick, easyre fixed the error, without any problems. GREAT product, worked flawless fixing my problem. thanks to this easyre!

with regards


Great Support!
By Marco on August 30, 2016

They support me quickly and step-by-step! Tanks a lot!

Did its job
By Bill on February 28, 2014

Your software has already done its job. My Vista Pro took a nose this morning and it's an important computer in my daily operation. Within ten minutes, I was back up and running.

Incredible!! Thank you so much!
By Blanton Hardy on March 4, 2017

Good afternoon to you hope you are blessed today!I had the Windows would not load correctly 0xc000014C error which was a registry error possibly. I downloaded this product and it worked perfectly. One tip though. On this site it should give instructions on HOW to load the CD or USB. Popping it in just won't work sometimes, when the computer starts it needs to be the first drive that loads instead of going to the hard drive and that's where the problem starts again. So make sure that when it loads that the CD or USB that has the recovery disk on it is the first drive that loads when the computer starts. That needs to be pointed out on this site. But all in all, wonderful. I have other operating systems I possibly will purchase it for also just in case! Thank you so much!

Thank you so much and may God bless you totally and truly today!

Fixed my BCD error
By Omar on December 9, 2013

My Laptop had a bcd 0x000000d error and I tried using the Windows DVD tools for Win8 and using the cmd for hours. It took me a whole day but in vain. Was going to check for the technical support or re-install windows if it weren't for being on holiday. However, I used EasyRE and amazingly after repairing the windows partition I was able to re-boot to windows normally.

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