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ISV/OEM Director, Software Company
By Michael on November 9, 2013

I had a virus appear suddenly on a reboot, and a phone call from a "windows repair" offering advice on fixing my machine. Freaked me out. System would not boot, no matter what system repair, system restore, or any other effort tried. Got EasyRE and was able to boot off the DVD I created, but still not able to boot off the Win 7 install on the system. Contacted NeoSmart on Saturday and got a response back in a very short time about an alternative boot recovery solution they made available for me, no extra charge.

Viola! In minutes my system was alive and kicking! I cannot say enough how helpful, responsive and professional this experience has been. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

It worked when nothing else did
By Larry82 on September 4, 2014

Laptop developed a problem where it would not boot. Received various messages about boot record, not being able to read disk, etc. Messages I cannot remember now. Used Windows repair feature on installation disk and another boot disk repair program. Nothing worked. Thought I had a failing hard disk. Then came across Neosmart EasyRE. Decided to buy it as one last attempt before I had to pay for another laptop. The program fixed everything! Even ran it on a desktop to make sure all was OK with it. Best $ spent!

Best value for a dollar
By DHF on October 10, 2015

This is the best value for a dollar you will ever receive. I had major problems and the repair process was complicated and long running but they stuck with me through the entire ordeal. Neosmart can be a little slow in getting back to you but they always do and there solutions are amazing. Thanks very much. I could not recommend them more strongly.

Easy Peasy
By kari on May 1, 2013

I just purchased and used the windows 7 repair download. I was at a point I couldn't get past the black boot up screen. I only had two options, run windows normally or start up repair. Neither option worked for me. I tried system restore, image restore, emergency back up from Dell, and every other option I could find, all taking me back to same screen. When I came across this "repair" I was quite skeptical. I am a novice at computer repair but am good at researching and following directions. I downloaded the repair and followed the simple directions emailed to me, which also included a link to install a burner to complete the download to a readable disc. In literally less than 30 minutes I was up and running again. The instructions were very clear and easy. I am a happy camper.

IT Administrator
By Paul on September 2, 2016

I have a HP Envy DV7 Laptop With Windows 8 installed, upgraded to 8.1 then 8.1 Pro on a good quality Samsung EVO SSD Drive (upgrade from a traditional Hard Disk Drive). After several years of hard "on the road" use, due to repeated power issues when the battery catch broke and loosened the battery, the Boot Record was eventually corrupted and the system (C) drive would not boot despite the fact the boot drive is an SSD (destruction of the boot loader/sector is a fairly common Windows 8 scenario).

I tried just about everything else, including Windows 8 Auto and Command Line Repairs, DISKPART fixes, Repair BCD fixes and the other usual recovery routines without any success.

I had the original drive stored and multiple backups and several older disk images so I could continue to work from another disk while trying to repair this one when I wasn't working.

EasyRecovery Essential for Windows 8 repaired the Boot issues after one pass - when booted from the Bootable CD you can make from the ISO DVD/CD Image download.

Note you will have to enable Legacy mode form the UEFI/BIOS o this particular laptop in order to be able to boot from the Easy Recovery DVD or CD you create from the the ISO image you purchase.

The Easy Recovery environment will be a little confusing to some as it boots to a Linux/Unix shell while running many tests and checks before getting to the Windows-style interface from which you can run Automatic Repair. You should choose the C volume to repair, not the Reserved or hidden System partitions.

There were no issues with Easy Recovery fixing the Boot Sector issues or the Boot Loader and marking the C drive Active again so I could boot into the OS. All my C drive files, applications and my profiles were there when I did (in any case I have my data files on a secondary data drive, which is also backed up).

Following the repair sequence the Laptop immediately booted to the system partition / C drive and I was back up and running. No problem at all.

Life Saver!!
By Pete S on October 29, 2015

I'd tried all kinds of sophisticated processes to update drivers from an external boot USB drive, windows repair, system restore, etc., and got nowhere. I was thinking I was going to have to buy a new copy of Win 7 (if I even could) and rebuild from scratch. EasyRE saved my son's computer. I'm a huge fan.

System restore worked great!
By Michael Rohr on May 2, 2016

I had my win 7 pro platform stuck in auto update mode and failure message. I looked online and found neosmart. I found the instructions very easy and my recovery USB drive worked a treat. Its well worth the money considering the cost of going to a computer repair place. The system auto fix did not work for me so I use the restore function in it and found there is prob something wrong with my HDD. I was able to do a system restore and get it up and running like it was prior to downloading the updates. HIGHLY recommended for an affordable and very quick fix.

I'm sold!
By Steve T on July 17, 2013

I’m sold! I disabled too many services on my msconfig boot.ini. That kept the computer from booting up. I invested the $20 into the Vista Recovery Disk and we’re back. YES!!!!!!! One thing you will need is a older wired keyboard and mouse (the round 6 pin). When the Recovery disk is working, the rest of the computer is shut down, ie, USB ports for wireless keyboard/mouse. I am soooooo happy. I was about ready to purchase a new hard drive and step up to Windows 7 (which wouldn’t have been all that bad). I recommend this product!!!!!

Thanks to NeoSmart
By bbgeek on February 6, 2015

To recap, October’s Microsoft updates caused 8 of the HP computers (two different 6000 models) in my computer lab to not boot to Windows 7 afterwards. 7 other HPs (three other 6000 models) done at the same time had no problems. Mike (above) suggested that KB2952664 was the problem; I can neither confirm nor deny that. For 6 of the effected computers, System Restore fixed them, but two had no restore points to recover too. Those two were the problem.

All the usual fixes failed and all were tried multiple times. Windows repair would not launch from the installed OS; running a Windows repair from a bootable CD don't fix it. FixBoot, FixMBR, RebuildBCD was sucessful, but didn't fix the problem. Restoring the registry from backup failed. The Windows 7 reinstall (‘upgrade’) in place wouldn't work as Windows wasn’t running. At first the Boot Manager Error was 0xc000000e (required device not found) which changed to 0xc0000428 (can verify signature of ahcix64s.sys) after the BCD was rebuilt. Also failed was deleting and regenerate the boot record with EasyBCD run from the XP boot.

In desperation (I’ve been working at this for a week) I bought the Easy Recovery Essentials repair disk from NeoSmart Technologies. Ran it (a customized Linux boot disk) and noticed in the messages, “Reverting Failed Windows Update” – or something to that effect. I have not seen any repair techniques nor a manual way to do that. Re-boot.

Nope, still no boot. But something was different, the computer had started the internal Win7 repair, and was not showing just the boot manager error. After three more cycles of the internal Win7 repair, some which took a long time, the Win7 boot was restored. Yay! I have confidence the same steps should fix the other one. (not yet done - this is not a fast process!)

Lessons: When dual booting, make sure the System Restore setting are correct and don’t interfere with each other. Booting to XP will blow away Win7 restore points. Have a good backup of your data. (I did, but often make good money off people that don’t!)

Finally, thanks to NeoSmart and their “Guaranteed to work or your money back.” I was fully prepared for a long phone call their tech support, but didn’t need it. And Boos to HP and Microsoft for causing the problem in the first place, this wasn’t the first time.

Wonderful Product
By Paul Wilson on July 27, 2016

Your product was the answer to getting my desktop computer working again. I had been on the phone with the Microsoft "technical" team who rebooted my machine several times until it finally threw the blue screen at us. I was not happy when they responded that there was nothing more they could do and suggested I contact a local IT person.

I stumbled onto your website and wanted you to know how grateful I am. I downloaded the file, burned it onto a cd and rebooted my machine. Then I sat back while your GREAT product performed it's magic. It worked the first time and in my opinion is worth much more than the twenty dollars you charge.

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