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Great Product - Windows 10 install.....GOOF
By David Bryant on August 26, 2015

Easy Recovery Essentials may be the best software I have purchased in YEARS!!! I decided to be cool and install Win 10 on my sons laptop. Of course I didn't back up all of his homework. Five minutes into the 10 install the computer crashed and to say the least my son was livid. I spent hours trying to repair to no avail. I started to Google for help and ran across this program. I NEVER purchase these products but in desperation I caved and purchased. Best $20.00 ever spent. Period!!!

Very fast !
By iacopo on December 2, 2013

Thanks , this is the best product I have tried for repair Windows 7 . Two days losted for to repair the windows boot record after a SSD migration from a WD Hard disk .

I started the “\1” and finally i can see again my windows login ! My system disk DVD was broken in two parts ! Great work my friend . No more error . Awesome product !

The last resort and the finest!
By Kev on July 28, 2017

Lost my C drive when installing software and doing a virus check, something glitched, I'm clicking everything madly and the computer died!

The normal recovery processes were useless; no restore points, system repair went into a loop, other recovery discs did very little. Spent six days trying to avoid losing my valuable system disc registry, programs, mail etc. Created a new C drive on an ssd, got on the internet, spent days downloading and reading up on different methods, tried to restore from an old repair disc, etc etc.

I do have quite a bit of experience with repairing PC's but it looked like the only alternative was a clean installation over my existing data. Then I found your webpage totally by accident, paid the very reasonable fee and within twenty minutes I was shouting and running around like a marathon winner (which I really felt like!). The windows sign on page was the most welcome sight ever, and ALL of my system now works flawlessly...

THANK YOU guys, for a superb program!

saved the day!
By G Walker on June 12, 2016

Upgraded from win 7 to 10, then decided on clean install of 10. This resulted in disk being converted to GPT... no good for me, as free encryption like VeraCrypt and DiskCryptor don't work on UEFI/GPT, system has no TPM for BitLocker, and lame HP Pavilion BIOS can't support hardware encryption. Converted GPT to MBR using EaseUS Partition Master and linux “\1” (to set partition on proper sector). Win 10 OS looked fine from another system, but it would not boot, and tried everything to unlock the disk and repair the MBR. Gave EasyRE a try, and it fixed it! Now my clean Windows 10 install is on BIOS/MBR disk, and I can now encrypt. Thank you!

tl;dr- Windows 10 disk locked after converting from GPT, EasyRE fixed it.

Doesn't work for every scenario
By Mike on July 1, 2016

Just want to put another data point out there...EasyRE did not work for me unfortunately. When I booted it it said it could not access partition that Windows was installed on. I emailed tech support and they said to reinstall Windows without reformatting and recover data from the \Windows.old folder. This wouldn't work either b/c something was up with my Windows partition. I was able to recover the data with another software package, reformat the HD and perform a clean Win 8.1 install.

Didn't work
By Reno on February 13, 2018

You need to show the average user how to make this work. Do you have to burn the download to a disk and run it from there? We neophytes need help running this. I have a printer error 0x0000007f that this is supposed to fix. But I can't get the product to work. Help!

Editor's Note: 

I'm sorry to hear you had trouble getting off the ground with EasyRE. The online documentation for EasyRE has guides to cover all this and more and should have been included in your download confirmation email:

Update re lpx6x.sys problem
By Steve Hards on March 5, 2016

I wanted to post an update to my review yesterday saying that although EasyRE is great for what it does, it didn't fix the start up problem I was having with a 'Paged Fault in a Nonpaged Area (lpx6x.sys) problem I was having.

However, the review system doesn't seem to allow updates!

Anyway, the solution to that particular problem was: 1) run an uninstall program to delete the NDAS software that uses the file, then 2) - because just uninstalling isn't sufficient - search for the file using Explorer and delete any remaining copies 3) use Ccleaner's registry cleanup function to clear references to the NDAS from the registry. Since doing that my PC has started 3 times without problem, so I think this is now solved.

By GW on August 26, 2016

"Easy" as in, if you are a computer technician easy.

Lots of options, just very little information about what they do or how to use them.

Very disappointed!

Vista recovery disk
By Frank C on April 10, 2013

The downloaded disk worked fast but unfortunately it quickly showed me that the hard drive was not there (must be completely dead). Therefore, I could do nothing to recover the computer.

Can 100% recommend this product!!
By Carol on June 10, 2016

Have spent two days ripping my hair out trying to get my computer out of a booting loop with a faulty classpnp.sys file. I was nervous about ordering and paying for something online, but it worked perfectly - my computer is now back up and running again - only a few minor tweaks to do when it booted up. Fantastic product when you don't have access to any other resources. Thanks guys!

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