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It did exactly what it says it will
By Nigel Thomas on October 16, 2014

It did exactly what it says it will; it fixed my "a required device is missing" boot error automagically. Within 5 minutes of downloading the iso, my bust machine was up and working again. I rarely write recommendations, but this is one product I'm happy to endorse.

Thanks for this great product!
By Mike Crowley on November 24, 2014

Thanks for this great product! Best twenty I ever spent on any computer software!

Yours Truly

Mike Crowley

By Rollo Fox on May 17, 2013


Easy Recovery Essentials worked to fix my Windows 7 that refused to load. After four frustrating days of trying everything I could think of, EasyRE saved the day. The download and installation went smoothly. The instructions were clear and complete.

Strangely, it was “Restore to a Previous Point” that solved the problem. Strangely, because the date of the “previous point” was two days after Windows 7 first stopped loading. But I’m not complaining.

Does not work
By Komal on May 7, 2016

windows xp is stuck in txtsetup.sif and this was a waste of money as it is doesn't have anything to boot the OS first

Editor's Note: EasyRE does not repair problems with Windows XP setup, only with actual, existing Windows XP installations.

Make the fix free for everyone...
By Jamie on October 21, 2015

Why don't you guys make this free for all users until Windows 10 gets a service pack and is stable. its stupid to charge ppl that upgraded and have thier laptops and pc's break and unbootable because of it. Why should I have to pay to fix something before I even get a chance to use it...

DID NOT work
By Jack Malzone on December 31, 2016

My ASUS Republic of Gamers Laptop has been stuck in an endless restart cycle since i tried to factory reset it.. It just shows a republic of gamers logo, then a dark screen then it repeats over and over. Ive exhausted all my options so finally got this and it didn't work. I would like my money back

By Ella on August 16, 2014

I have an ASUS AIO 23 inch that started experiencing BSOD after I installed my FitBit on it. I tried a 64 bit recovery disk, and the Windows Recovery on the computer, and nothing worked. This worked! I couldn't believe it, because I had spent two days on it, and ASUS does not offer the $50 Recovery disk for this model. Thank you! I am so impressed.

Fixed, for the most part. :)
By Guilty Pirate on January 7, 2017

TL;DR - EasyRE works. Saved my life!

I'll be honest: I torrented a crack version of EasyRE in hopes of fixing my laptop. I accidentally deleted the System Reserved partition thinking that I had correctly copied it over (guess I didn't). The thing didn't work and thankfully nothing bad happened; the screen just showed an X.

I could have fixed it myself if given enough time, but I was seriously in a pinch because I needed a solution ASAP. I paid the $20 USD (I'm Canadian, so it's a bit more... but oh well) through credit card, downloaded the file, ran NeoSmart's Easy USB Creator to load EasyREf onto a USB, popped the USB into my unbootable laptop, booted the USB and ran EasyRE... I was so nervous waiting for all the checks and stuff to complete as it does take awhile (especially if you're in a hurry). But the wait was well worth it and the laptop booted into windows!

It works and everything now, but unfortunately I was hit with a "This copy of Windows is not genuine". But as a mighty pirate, that's certainly my fault ... anyway, EasyRE works and that's what's important. :) Worth the money! I'm glad I paid.

I wish to thank you for all your invaluable help
By Howie on April 24, 2016

The files Easy RE Recovery files you sent me and the accompanying descriptive information made it possible to fix the PC, and restore it to exactly the same condition as it was before Microsoft apparently "interfered" in the aggressive way they did. Rather than blast Microsoft (and I have many good reasons to do so, based on poor experiences with their paid-for tech support), I will just say that Neosmart couldn't have been more professional, responsive, interested, and kind in their efforts to help me, which spanned about five e-mails.

Thanks again, Ali, for your active interest, involvement, follow-ups, and for a product line that is easy to use and appears to work flawlessly.

By Chris M on May 28, 2016

This product is one of a kind. I was able to make a non-bootable windows 10 install boot with the click of a button. I pretty tech savvy and use a ton of neosmart product but this product made it a breeze. Thanks neosmart! -CMAX

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