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Waiting for support?
By Clarence on October 4, 2017

Did not work for me. I have emailed for help, but at this point have not heard back. I will update this review if a solution is found.

Update: Support got back to me and Ali was able to help me with the problem. My comp works now.

Saved my PC!
By Mike Z on November 20, 2014

My computer was slowing down so I foolishly installed a registry defragger with hopes to speed it up. Next time I restarted I got disk errors, windows errors, and the computer was in a state of infinite reboots and blue screens. The Windows repair disk was worthless and found no errors. I thought that all was lost and I would have to wipe and start from scratch when someone linked to this software from some random forum when I was researching cures. I had never heard of the product before, but figured that I might as well try it out as a last chance, fortunately I was able to use a friend's PC to burn the image. I get home, run the recovery tool, and within 30 minutes I'm back into Windows like nothing happened. Amazing!

The most surprising thing is that this program is relatively unknown, but I'll definitely be recommending it to anyone who has serious problems with Windows!

More than just another pretty face.....
By John Ed on August 9, 2013

This tool is great but, it would just be another boot disc for your stack if it weren't for the people behind it. I am by no means a computer techy but am willing to get my hands dirty (read, search and ask questions). I use laptops in my business and like a lot of folks don’t backup as I should. When my Sony crashed hard, “KSOD” then “BSOD”, I thought the HDD had died a slow death but was able to see the files were still accessible from another boot disc. Like everyone I’ve been hesitant to purchase and D/L’s tools from the net. After a little reading at the Neosmart forums it seemed this was more than a “buy this and good luck to ya” site. I was right.

The EasyRE works just as good as they say it does. Most computer issues I’ve had have been more than just one issue including the most recent although I’ve read that EasyRE has restored some in one boot. The Mods aren’t afraid to tell you that part of your problem is above their scope at EasyRE. I appreciated that. But they didn’t stop there. I was always pointed in the right direction every time I sent an email if the next step was beyond their scope. Over 30 emails were exchanged and some of those return emails minutes apart. I would press send and go back to reading. On many occasions it seemed it was just seconds later my phone was alerting me of a return email.

Again, if you have boot/registry/start-up issues like I did (on my Sony with no OEM disc’s) it not the end. For less than the cost of five gallons of gas or a case of beer, you can be well on your way back to using your machine in a non destructive way. Not one file lost here!

Saved my @$$
By Malcolm on June 16, 2017

I came home to discover a BSOD on my PC 2 days before a deadline. After trying everything I could find on YouTube and about to rip out all the cables and take it to Memory Express to spend god know how much and wait however long......I somehow came across EasyRE.

I bought it without thinking and quickly made the boot USB using their creator on another PC. It was easy enough anyone could do it. AND IT WORKED ON THE FIRST TRY!

I am forever grateful.

solved my windows 7 pro 64 problem in just a few minutes
By Bigmetfan on July 5, 2016

well worth the price, even though a super computer geek might have figured out what was wrong and solved it through partition magic or the built in partitioning software in Windows 7, but I had no clue. I was playing with my partition sizes and suddenly my boot drive wouldn't load windows and I couldn't even get to the recovery section. I didn't have a DVD rom in the machine, so even if I had my Windows recovery disks, I couldn't do much. So I downloaded this on another machine, burned the ISO (it is totally automated and easy) and then put my hard drive in the other laptop, and booted from that machine's dvd drive. Presto, it fixed the partition and I saw something there about me making it not active, and then something about fixing my MBR, but the key point is that the entire process took maybe 10 minutes (I skipped the memory test) and when I popped the drive back into the original machine, I was up and running. Great expenditure of $20 - highly recommended!

Worked Great
By Larry on May 31, 2016

Once I burned the image to disk and put it into my laptop, 20 minutes later I could boot again. Worked great for me for my WINLOADER missing error 0xc000000e.

The only problem I had was the file didn't load at first. I was thinking that it was Saturday and there was the Memorial Day holiday, I wont get it till Tuesday. But support got back to me on a holiday I had a link to reload it first thing on Memorial Day.

Doesn't work for me
By Nate E. on November 21, 2014

Purchased the Pro version for $40. Had high hopes reading these reviews, of course they probably remove the negative ones - hence there aren't any.

Had a Win 8 PC that was caught in constant reboot loop. Created the Bootale CD and it loaded ok. Ran Automatic Repair said it completed successfully. However PC continued to do same thing. Ran it a couple more times, each time saying it was successful, but it pc still reboots same as before.

Emailed for support. Probably will have to dispute the charge on my card. What a waste of time and money!

Thank you
By Colin on April 28, 2016

Thank you. Having feared the worst when my computer failed to boot I downloaded Easy RE for Windows 10 and now my PC is up and running again. I followed your clear, precise instructions and it worked like a dream. Having been on the verge of throwing my PC out of the window thinking of having costly repairs, etc, my $35 purchasing your program was worth every bit!!

NOT a scam, actually works.
By David on October 28, 2017

Long story short this software works. This is not a scam. I spent about 5 hours of my own time trying to fix this problem with every Youtube video on the internet. This software fixed it in about 5 mins. Very good software. This is NOT a scam.


By Carl W on October 17, 2015

I had just upgraded my Acer Aspire One 722 from Win 7 to Win 10. It went so well that I thought I should get a new battery to increase my portable time. The machine would not recognize it, and in trying so many suggested ways to fix the problem, I ended up with a blown file in the Win 10 boot.

Tried a lot of stuff, then in desperation went to Geek Squad in the Best Buy store. What a joke! The young guy said, “\1” DOH....like telling me that the computer won't boot; I already knew that. So the verdict? Base cost $150 just to look at it, MAYBE they could give me a new OS, wipe out all my data and programs. I said fugedaboudit! and found this site on a forum, decided to spend the $20 on this software and Lo and Behold! I could download to my other (working) computer, create a bootable thumb drive. Then set the Acer's boot hierarchy to see the thumb drive first, booted and repaired Win 10 and VOILA! total time till I had my Acer back = 20 minutes, including the download and creation of the bootable thumb drive.

Bravo guys! You saved the life of a great little computer!

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