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    EasyBCD has a problem with new disc

    I bought a bigger SSD. Partitioned it like the original one. Filled all partitons - one by one - with Norton Ghost. Then booted. It didn't. So I repaired Windows 7 with the Windows Repair Disc. It then seemed that EasyBCD 2.2 did not reflect Windows Boot Manager. So I installed EasyBCD 2.0. I...
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    iReboot 2.0 Discussion Thread

    iReboot 2.0 Beta - sitting quietly in Task Manager When iReboot runs in the system tray, it doesn't respond to any mouse action. Nor can I instruct iReboot with a command line switch. It then just starts a new instance. The build is 19, OS is W7(64). What can I do? allard Addendum Build 17...
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    Cannot install EasyBCD 2.2 (bug?)

    Mahmoud, It was iReboot that ran.
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    Cannot install EasyBCD 2.2 (bug?)

    A window pops up: Error opening file for writing: C:\Program Files (x86)\Neosmart Technologies\EasyBCD\EasyBCD.exe Click Abort to stop the installation, Retry to try again, or Ignore to skip this file. It went fine in XP, but not in Windows 7. allard
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    EasyBCD does't recognize XP

    Thank you very much. Still got the same results.
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    EasyBCD does't recognize XP

    I added Windows7 to my multi-boot system (3 XP installations, 1 DOS, 1 XP repair console ). Windows bootmgr recognized Win7, DOS, the XP repair thing and 'earlier Windows stuff'. Clicking on 'earlier Windows' got me into boot.ini. So all seems well. But EasyBCD - when trying to add the XP...