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    EasyBCD 2.3 Timeout Keeps Changing

    I installed Win7 OSes first and then Win10, so I installed them correctly. The EasyBCD I installed after I installed the Win10 OS. They EasyBCD has been working flawlessly for months (ever since the summer of 2017 when I installed the OSes). All of a sudden the other day the timeout changed on...
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    EasyBCD 2.3 Timeout Keeps Changing

    Do you mean EasyBCD > Tools > Options? I checked there as I have done previously several times, and there is nothing there that is automatically loaded. I do NOT know what you mean by the statement: "It could be that you're not actually changing the "live" BCD, but altering the settings in a BCD...
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    EasyBCD 2.3 Timeout Keeps Changing

    Hi, I have a triple boot machine all on separate hard drives. I have a Win7 which is my main OS. Then I have a Win7 for my games. Then I have Win10 which I rarely use. Here is my problem and it just started a couple of days ago. The timeout setting was set to 30 seconds (which is the default)...
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    EasyBCD 2.2 Gives CRC error upon launch

    EasyBCD 2.2 gives me a CRC error upon trying to launch the program. When I went back to EasyBCD 2.12 everthing worked fine.