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    Lost access to multi-boot computer

    Hi, I ran repair of my booting using EasyRecovery for Win7 and now I can't access any of my three OSs - xp, win7 and win10. I'm stuck on Verify DMI Pool Data. What's wrong? What should I do?
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    Why can't I delete a menu item?

    Thanks, Mak 2.0. Still, my problem isn't covered by this document. In my case, I have three (legitimate) entries in my EasyBCD menu, while I see four entries while I boot, one of which is redundent.
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    Why can't I delete a menu item?

    Hi, My system is a triple-boot system, winxp, english win7 and hrbrew win7. When I start EasyBCD, I see the three expected items. Still, when I approach my menu while booting, one of the options, the one indicating hebrew win7, appear twice. I would like to delete the extra option, but I can't...
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    Can't switch default os to xp

    Hi, I'm running my easybcd ver. 1.7.2 on a dual boot system, Hebrew Win7 and WinXP Pro (SP3). I tried to change the default settings to WinXP, saved settings, but nothing changed. When I open the program again, it returns to its default settings. What's wrong?