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    Fame at last

    it's crazy. look at those moves!
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    The Introduction Thread

    Thanks guys You make me feel like i am home ;) I have a friend (he is editor) in He suggested me to use it. And maybe we can make EasyBCD spread all over the Turkish based sites. Keep in touch...
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    The Introduction Thread

    Hi people of NeoSmart. Well. I don't know how to start but my main goal is translating the super-duper program called EasyBCD into my language which is Turkish. The number of people use the EasyBCD rise day by day. And i think it is time to translate it for Turks. Who am i? Ohh pardon. I am...
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    Translations to Other Languages

    Hi all. Asking for our help to localize EasyBCD is very good. Let me in for Turkish. (i am using 1.7.2) Keep in touch ...