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    XP Recovery 32/64 bit ?

    No XP Pro i386 folder! ? Is their any way to be notified by eMail if and when I get any response to this? Hi, I'm making Vista & XP Pro Emergency Recovery Disks. I'm quite surprised to find out that their is NO 'i386' Windows XP Pro folder per say which is quite strange. I've never seen...
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    Vista PCIe RAID1 OR XP PCI IDE RAID1: Not both!

    Hi, I'm trying to get Windows XP Pro running a RAID 1 array off of a pair of IDE HDDs from a PCI card and Vista Ultimate running off of a PCIe1 card on a different pair of RAID 1 SATA HDDs but canNOT get a dual boot running!. I've edited with BcdEdit directly on Vista, have used Vista Boot Pro...