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    allow use unsigned drivers on 64-bit not working with windows 8.1

    I have windows 8.1 enterprise 64-bit final build 9600 with easyBCD 2.2 ,in advanced setting ,when checking ; allow use of unsigned driver on 64-bit windows I still can't use unsigned drivers the only way for me now is to choose "disable driver signature enforcement" in recovery boot...
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    hotkey for showing boot menu

    thanks for the suggestions , terry60 will try them for those modern hardwares Computer Giru ,i didn't know that some motherboards actually support this functionality
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    hotkey for showing boot menu

    hello guys i'm new to this forum but long time easybcd user my question is is there's a possibilty in easybcd to disable the boot menu for faster startup and instead adding a hotkey through easybcd to show the boot menu when needed for ex. in cases of primary OS failure ? thanks in advance best...