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    dual boot efi gpt

    I have laptop from HP. Installed windows 8.1 (EFI plus gpt partition scheme). Windows boots. Then installed fedora 21. (Efi plus gpt partition. Secure boot disabled as it does not play good with virtualbox installed in fedora). After installation of fedora, on reboot, it booted to grub. Windows...
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    Ubuntu Linux 14.04 not booting from EasyBCD 2.2

    so this is bitter truth that ms will not allow to use easybcd with efi to boot linux. I may like to allow grub to take control but some laptops overwrite (MY HP laptop is one of them) grub and defaults to windows. In my laptop it straight boots to windows 8.1 however if i hit esacape key in time...
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    The Introduction Thread

    Hello to everybody, Thanks for a beautiful software i.e. easybcd. in leagacy mbr windows 7 plus fedora it worked beautifully. Is it works for uefi gpt based dual boot windos8.1 and fedora? I ask in advance because i fear that not knowing may make windows not bootable. Presently in my hp...