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    Dual boooting Windows 7 and Fedora Linux/.

    Previusly I encountered a problem using Easy BCD to dual boot Windows 7 and Fedora Linux. What it finally came down to is that I get put into a grub 2 interface where I have to manually enter commands like root (hd1,0) kernel (hd1,0)/kernel/vmlinuz... initrd (hd1,0)/init... boot (The machine...
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    (Neogrub) Fedora 17 & Windows 7 DualBoot

    I am not sure it will help but try replacing "/boot" by "(hd0,1)" And finally boot with the command boot
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    Problems with Dual-Boot Win 7 / Fedora -- Get GRUB Command Line

    I'm glad you got it to work, but I don't understand what you did. I tried choosing grub legacy, but all I got was a screen with the single word GRUB in it. Fedora 17 creates two directories: /boot/grub and /boot/grub2. They are both in the same paritition: the partition mounted on /boot...
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    Having trouble dual booting Windows 7 and Fedora 17.

    I had a Windows 7/Fedora 14 dual boot system running successfully. I had Windows 7 on /dev/sda and Linux on /dev/sdb. I had set it up using EASY BCD. I then installed Fedora 17 Linux on /dev/sdb and I thought I had put grub in the first sector of /dev/sdb1 which was mounted on /boot. But...
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    I can't get the bootloader to boot Linux.

    I actually have Fedora 14, not ubuntu. Are there instructions for that? Does it make any difference? How do I tell at the Fedora end whether I'm using grub 2? Addendum: Okay. I tried grub(legacy) and checked the box. This time it didn't let me choose the device but found it itself...
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    I can't get the bootloader to boot Linux.

    I've previously setup another computer to use Vista's bootloader to boot both Windows and Linux. I am now trying this under Windows 7 with Easy BCD 2.02, and I can't get it to work. I can get into either Linux or Windows with a grub CD. In Linux, I ran grub-install /dev/sdb to put the first...
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    Explicit instructions again?

    I've been laboriously working my way through installing Fedora 14 Linux on the second disk of a new computer with Windows 7 on the first disk. I planned to put grub on the second disk during installation, but the place where anaconda gave me the opportunity to do that went by me. So the...
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    I may have accidently put grub in the MBR

    I have a new machine with two disks, Windows 7 on the first. I am in the process of installing Fedora 14. on the second drive. But I think I may have mistakenly set it up to put the first part of grub in the MBR of the first disk. I want to put grub in the /boot partition of the second...
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    Quick instructions for using Easy BCD with Windows 7

    I've been using Easy BCD to dual boot Vista and Fedora Linux for over a year now. But I'm now getting a computer which is running Windows 7. (It will be a 64 bit machine in case that makes any difference.) Windows 7 is installed on the first disk and I plan to install Fedora Linux on a...