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    Missing IOS?

    I'm not sure how to make the answer to this question any clearer, it's currently the very first question & answer in the FAQ, which is linked to in the download link email. It's also explained on the page with burning instructions, which is similarly promoted in the download email. Additionally...
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    There’s no support at all.

    I just searched the inbox and can't find any support requests with the email address you provided for the account here. Did you receive a confirmation email when you submitted the request?
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    EasyBCD fails to run in WinXP

    @wckwyser Sorry, I meant the "processes" tab as it was called under XP. Can you show the full contents of the processes tab, with the "show processes from all users" box ticked?
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    EasyBCD does not launch after Windows 10 spring updates ...

    @derrmardian I'm not sure what you're referring to here, EasyBCD does not have a startup splash screen. Can you please provide more information?
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    EasyBCD: NeoGrub: Update CPU Microcode before booting OS

    Please don't open multiple threads to discuss the same thing. Locked in favor of Microcode Update with NeoGrub possible?
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    This is abandonware and we don't provide any support for it, but I'll just leave this link here: [Download] Vista Hide 'n Seek BETA
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    Computer wont boot.

    The support issues not withstanding, "won't restart" is an extremely vague description of the problem your PC is experiencing and no one would be able to help you further debug this based on that description alone. It's always very important and quite essential to provide a full description of...
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    EasyRE Support

    The top post has been updated with some very important help links.
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    need help to make the iso from the file that downloaded from NeoSmart

    As @Terry60 says, that's a common mistake. Common enough to be the first question in our FAQ, actually:
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    Change Easy Window Switcher Hotkey

    I've completely forgotten about the "neosmart news" section here in the forums and neglected to post in it when all these new freeware tools have been released. Maybe I should set up some sort of script or something to automatically create a topic each time a new blog post is made.
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    EasyBCD fails to run in WinXP

    The first time you run EasyBCD before the license dialog is shown, you'll see this: It is necessarily shown before the dialog because it determines the language used to display it. I've blindly clicked through it without paying it any attention many times, but it doesn't matter - if English...
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    Help With bootloader.. windows8.1 details 3

    You probably need to set the active partition.
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    Change Easy Window Switcher Hotkey

    Hi Tom, Easy Window Switcher doesn't necessarily use alt+` to switch windows - it uses alt and whatever key is to the left of the 1 key on your keyboard (in the number row, not the numpad). Is that ` for you? @Ex_Brit he's talking about this: Easy Window Switcher (also Mac-like window...
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    EasyBCD fails to run in WinXP

    Did you by any chance choose a language other than English when EasyBCD first started up? That would have been before even the license dialog.
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    HELP!!! Forgot password

    Glad you're back up and running. For future reference: Troubleshooting: Boot from CD