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    After selecting an OS ("Reboot on Selection" active), system reboots to OS Selection anyway

    Hey Paul. I'm sorry to hear about that situation! It sounds like you might have two different bootloaders installed. Is there a mix of EFI and MBR installations on this PC?
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    i need xp setup to install without upgrade os prompt...

    Windows XP still had a distinction between "Upgrade" and "Full" versions of the OS setup disc. It sounds like you're either using the wrong base ISO for the image or something went wrong in the slipstreaming and converted a full setup disc into an upgrade one.
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    Revistited: No ang0 on all drives problem

    I'm not sure, but it's possible that Windows moved things around on the hard drive. The ANG files should not be fragmented on-disk. It's also possible that Windows compressed some of the boot files? The ANG files must not be compressed, either.
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    EasyBCD backup wants to use Onedrive

    fwiw, EasyBCD has absolutely zero knowledge of OneDrive and is definitely not programmed to prefer to save things to it. However, Microsoft has been pushing OneDrive hard and has made it the default folder that a generic save file dialog will default to the first time.
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    re-create/ repair boot files

    Please see the extensive documentation at EasyBCD
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    How to print threads?

    I think you can (temporarily) change your settings to display a huge number of posts per page (like 500 or something) which should get most threads down to a single page you can print.
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    @chios if you got a message about a KDB backtrace that means that EasyRE crashed while starting up due to a hardware fault or incompatibility. It's usually a sign that your problem stems from hardware damage, likely a bad stick of RAM. There isn't anything you can do differently to get EasyRE...
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    EasyRe internet connexion

    It's possible that the ethernet controller on your motherboard isn't supported by the native drivers. You can try running `ifconfig` in the terminal to see the list of detected network adapters and their state.
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    Windows XP Embedded

    Yup. I believe it's also been tested by the QA team as a valid repair target.
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    EasyRC windows 10 product key

    There is no product key for Easy Recovery Essentials. The download link is included in the confirmation email sent at the time of purchase.
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    Ireboot 2 does not work on windows 10

    Yes, `iRebootd.exe` is the background service that actually performs the requested action with elevated rights, and `iReboot.exe` is the frontend that you see and interact with.
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    Using GRUB4DOS for booting Linux Debian 7 on a logical partition

    Ah, I was going to post a long-winded explanation about how EasyBCD derives the numbers and how you can compare what it detects with what is actually there so I can fix it down the road, but then thought "he probably just wants to get it working, let me tell him about patching ANG0" :)
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    iReboot won't start on boot Windows 10

    I'm on Windows 10 1803 and have no problem with iReboot starting up on this system. Is UAC enabled on your machine? What happens if you copy the iReboot shortcut to your startup folder or create a task in 'task scheduler' to start iReboot on login?
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    Boot loader software fix for DiskMap.dll

    You can try booting in either Safe Mode or Last Known Good Configuration and see if that at least gets you back into Windows?
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    Can't open CD drive

    While booted into EasyRE, you cannot eject the CD as EasyRE is loaded from it and requires it to run. This starts the second EasyRE begins to load (so past the boot menu from the CD). Make sure you eject the CD at your system's POST screen when the manufacturer's logo is showing.