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    Multi-boot (exactly) the same (W7) partition

    Thanks. I have a dual multiboot:- C: W7ORIG (when selected at boot works fine -as expected- this is the original bootable partition) E: W7COPY (when selected at boot the drive name stays as E:; if I manually change C:->Z: and then E:-C: this will fix it?)
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    Multi-boot (exactly) the same (W7) partition

    Probably mad and/or stupid...I know I can image my current (W7) C: partition to a spare disk and put that on a shelf as a system image backup. But it would be nice if I could 1. image c: partition to a spare partition (same computer different disk) 2. use bcdedit to create a multi-boot of the 2...
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    Please suggest a recovery strategy

    Hi, I have a multiboot of XP, Vista64 and 7 (installed in that order) spread across 2 disks and although this isn't my "office" PC I should REALLY have a recovery strategy. I guess the most important partition is the first one of disk 0 because this has MBR, (Vista) PBR, and bootmgr (with BCD)...
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    iReboot Missing a Vista Entry

    Hi, same problem with iReboot In theory this will be a very useful tool. Never shows Vista in my dual boot setup :- Cheers! Windows Boot Manager -------------------- identifier {9dea862c-5cdd-4e70-acc1-f32b344d4795} device partition=C: default {e268f487-fa00-11dc-8348-a4652842699a}...