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    Dialogue Text for Select an OS

    I guess "Pick an LH-Based entry" in EasyBCD 1.7.1 Advanced options means Longhorn-based ....I suggest a change of wording preferably not using the word Longhorn, but even that would be an improvement on the geeky acronym for a geeky name. I suppose it's acceptable just saying "Advance...
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    MBR for bootmgr clarification

    I had 32XP/64XP/32Vista/Ubuntu working but it broke! I need a mental map to repair this - I have two 40GB drives with similar setups and one works still and the one I'm trying to repair looks "OK" (clearly it isn't) but I lost a dependency and can't figure what I need to do to repair. I'm...
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    minuscule typo

    On the ~ invoke old Windows loader (ntldr) ~ page, it says "... reason you see to boot menus ..." it should read "... reason you see two boot menus ..." cheers, Mark right, back to fixing my broken dependency - it was all working first time but a few partition re-installs later...