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    Trying to roll back win10 to win8 - can't seem to find win8

    OOPS! Just found the answer to my question - many thanks to Mahmoud and Michael. Will try the never 10 app. Nutso I have a bootable usb with the win10 rollback installed. Both the easy usb program and the rollback optics programs were verified as installed. Went in and changed boot to...
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    Easy USB program won't copy to jump drive

    Many thanks! I realized I was missing a critical step in the process - now I have a bootable usb drive with the rollback utility BUT am still having a problem in rolling back win10. I'll post that in another thread.
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    Easy USB program won't copy to jump drive

    I'm trying to roll back windows 10. Have downloaded the easy USB program and the windows 10 rollback utility. I've tried to load the USB program on to a jump drive (2 times), each time I have been unable to create a bootable usb. The message I get (from each download of the easy usb program)...