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    Instead of Easybcd, Grub takes over.... now what did I do wrong

    Hi, The laptop is an ASUS with ample everything, including 500 GB disk. The disk map is as follows 22 GB hidden Recovery (where the recovery W7 sits) 120 GB = C for W7 195 GB = D for data, I like to keep data separate 65.5 GB = F for all installed programs that adhere to proper installation...
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    The Introduction Thread

    I have recently installed EasyBCD, to be able to switch between W7 and Linux Mint (Katya). When coming from XP and iMac, W7 is a bit of a challenge. I have prior experience with Ubuntu, but Mint is a neater distro. Of course I now get bothered by GRUB. So I probably installed it wrong. Meanwhile...
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    The Introduction Thread

    Hi, I am here because I am looking for (mentally) better stuff than Grub to set up Linux (either Ubuntu or Mintz) on my new Windows 7 laptop. Therefore I am reading up all I can understand on boot loaders. Had heard of bcd, didn't know what it was. Then googled "what is easy bcd", so here I...