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    EasyBCD loads wrong GRUB partition

    Hello, I installed EasyBCD on Windows 7 SP1 (fresh install of the latter, no updates yet). I also created multiple Linux partitions. I want Linux instances to be compartmentalized (no shared /boot), so each instance is installed in single self-contained partition hosting both ROOT...
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    Correct TYPE for Fedora, Solaris, GRUB2

    Hi Mahmoud, Thanks for your response. So does it mean that EasyBCD boot entry with Type=GRUB2 actually finds and boots GRUB2 partition (that must also in this case be the only GRUB parition on the system, i.e. EasyBCD does not support having two distinct GRUB2 partitions?) and then subsequent...
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    Correct TYPE for Fedora, Solaris, GRUB2

    Hi, Can someone please explain how to define EasyBCD entry: 1) To boot existing EXT3 GRUB2 partition. Specifically, what should be entry Type (out of selections GRUB legacy, GRUB 2, Lilo, FreeBSD, Wubi, SysLinux)? And given that selecting GRUB2 disables partition selection combo box. 2) To...