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    Dual Boot 7&10 on BIOS with GPT?

    You can only boot W7 from a GPT disk under UEFI Windows and GPT FAQ - Windows 10 hardware dev You can't boot W8/8.1/10 using the W7 bootmgr (newer winload.exe digital signatures aren't seen as valid because older OSs aren't forward compatible) You must always boot using the latest version of...
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    How can I add an entry for Ubuntu to the Windows 8 boot menu?

    If this is a UEFI PC then the short answer is that you cannot boot Linux from the Windows bootmgr (MS don't allow it, EasyBCD cannot circumvent the prohibition) The only solution (on UEFI) is to let grub do the booting. If this is a BIOS/MBR PC then what you are doing should be routine. Did you...
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    Updates with restart not possible with Easybcd

    Is this part of your problem ? I have an identical configuration to yours and had no problem updating W10 to 1709
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    Neosmart have hijacked windows process to connect to wtf

    It hasn't hijacked anything. If you have RSS feeds ticked , that's your choice. Stop posting defamatory remarks.
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    Just bought easyRE but it's not working?

    Are you getting "invalid digital signature" when the boot manager is trying to chain to the winload.efi boot loader ? If so, that would suggest that you have somehow back-levelled the boot manager from W10 to an older version from Vista, W7, W8 or W8.1. Are you dual booting W10 with an earlier...
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    Bootmgr Missing?

    I don't remember whether the W10 free upgrade allowed going from 32 to 64 bit, since I was already x64 on all systems for some time and wouldn't have come across the possiblility, but it seems, whatever W10 might have been, that your friend's key was for a 32 bit W7 build. Glad you got it all...
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    Bootmgr Missing?

    This shows that my speculation that you might not have enough space for the boot files was not the case. W7 has successfully done what I said it always attempts. It has created the separate "System Reserved" partition for the boot files, marked it "active" and installed the boot files to it (the...
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    Bootmgr Missing?

    When you started the reinstallation, did you format the disk ? Not the "quick" format, which just resets the tables to look like the disk is empty, but a proper format which actually scans the disk surface, reformats all the blocks, finds dodgy areas and takes them out of commission ? The error...
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    Deleting the small hidden windows 7 etc. boot partition using EasyBCD and third-part partition sw.

    If you are on a UEFI PC and you are talking about the EFI System Partition Don't mess with it ! If you're on a BIOS/MBR PC Changing the Boot Partition
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    win7+win10 = 0xc0000428

    Sorry, but not the correct approach. It leaves you using an older (possibly missing new security code) version of the boot manager to boot systems it was never designed for. The correct approach is to switch to using the newer boot manager, which is fully backward compatible with older OSs As in...
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    Switching to GPT Partitioning Scheme

    Depends on what OS(s) you intend to have Start here Windows and GPT FAQ with some more detail GPT in Windows
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    Windows XP unable to boot

    When you select the XP dropdown from EasyBCD > Add New Entry, there's an "automatically detect...." box to tick.
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    Windows XP unable to boot

    Did you use EasyBCD to add an XP entry to W7's BCD ? If so, did you let it "auto-configure" and then leave the entry untouched ? If not, delete the failing XP entry, and add it again (as above).
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    Windows XP unable to boot
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    W8 not booting AT ALL!

    If Windows Update caused the PC to break, you should be able to get free one-to-one support from Microsoft to help you fix it