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Thread: Ubuntu Installed without GRUB

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    Question Ubuntu Installed without GRUB

    i want to install ubuntu 7.10 over a dual boot of vista/xp which i did using EBCD.can i choose not to install GRUB which is an option in alternate install cd and add entry to vista bootloader using GRUBless feature of EBCD.........
    I need an urgent help.....

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    Hi vinyl, welcome to the boards.
    I don't have Linux installed so can't give you detailed advice from experience, but I can point you to the wiki Ubuntu dual boot guide
    Happy reading, and if it doesn't answer your question, post back and when Guru or Mak are around they'll advise you from first hand knowledge.

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    Terry has the best answer. Just follow the steps in teh Wiki. You will add a Ubuntu entry and check teh box that GRUB was not loaded and it should work jsut fine. I have done it as per the wiki and control my Ubuntu install.
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    EasyBCD does not require that GRUB be installed to the bootsector or MBR in order for Ubuntu to work (the "GRUB is not installed" option), but if you select it then you must have a valid menu.lst file for EasyBCD to parse and use to locate your Ubuntu installation.

    If you've never installed GRUB, you won't have menu.lst

    The best method is to follow the steps in the Wiki. But if you don't want to reinstall, have a look at NeoGrub. Instructions on booting Ubuntu with a manually-configured NeoGrub setup:
    NeoGrub Linux - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki
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