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Thread: Easy BCD 1.52 Weird behavior

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    I've created 2 entries to boot linux through lilo. One entry point to hd(1,2) and other one points to hd(1,3) - I know my linux /boot parition is on the third partition of the second drive, but since I wasn't sure about the syntax I tried both entries...

    But here's the catch #1:

    Both entries successfully boot linux

    And here's the catch #2:

    lilo is not installed on this linux partition....

    Anything I am not understanding?

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    Hi bpmfunk, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

    Well, hd(1,2) IS drive 2, partition 3.
    As for the other entry..... maybe it's a logical partition?
    Mahmoud Al-Qudsi, Director

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