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Thread: Install XP, install Vista (dual-boot), reinstall XP.. OUCH!!!

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    as the titles says, I had a working XP install. In then installed Vista to a separate partition (V on the same drive, and subsequently had a working dual-boot scenario. Then I had to reinstall XP due to a software issue. Now I cannot access Vista.

    I tried installing EasyBCD from XP, but upon reboot got an error after post. (can't remember the error - maybe "Disk error" or something. rats... sorry)

    I had to restore my C: (XP) image to get back into XP.

    Any assitance would be appreciated.

    Oh, and I tried installing OSL2000. It seemed to install fine, but upon rebooting, XP just booted right up - no sign of OSL2000

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    install easybcd
    easybcd -> bootloader management -> reinstall bootloader
    easybcd -> add/remove -> add xp
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