Can't install Windows 10 Embedded Product Key Tool

Every single time I try to let windows update, it destroys something. And this time it was my Product key. So I looked up the error code "0xc004f012" and was directed to go to your page for the Windows 10 Embedded Product Key Tool. But of course, it can't install. I keep getting the error "The extended attributes are inconsistent." If this product isn't even a thing anymore, then just let me know and i'll go on my merry way.



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You don't need to install it.
Just run it from wherever you downloaded it to.
I just downloaded it (again) to check that nothing has gone wrong. It works fine.
I can't run it. The same error pops up. If I try right clicking it, it crashes everything on my computer.

Edit: The logo "Activate Windows" pulses when everything crashes.


Knows where his towel is.
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Have a look at this
It's not a problem with OemKey itself, but your system in particular.
Okay, Thank you. It's just an overall problem I have with all Microsoft products. It crashed, updated, and everything was "fixed" for now. But that solution did help my problem and introduced a new one. I don't have a freaking embedded product key because I caught my motherboard on fire last year! Ugh. Well Thanks. Bye now.