discrepancy in boot options from EasyBCB and msconfig

When the system boots, it shows FOUR options, two of which are the same (Windows 7). When accessing msconfig, the system configuration (boot tab) also shows four options. However, I can not delete one of the duplicates (delete option is greyed out).

When I access the system via Easy BCB 2.2, it only shows THREE options (the duplicate is not shown). How can I get rid of one of the duplicate entries?

Refer to the two screen shots, both showing msconfig and EasyBCD2.2



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Firstly, check that the BCD you're displaying in EasyBCD is the "live" one,
(Tools > Options > Automatically load..... could be forcing it to display (and edit) a BCD not on the "active" partition of the first drive in the BIOS boot sequence, which is where the system is actually booting from)
You can easily verify by making a cosmetic change to one of the OS descriptions and seeing if it's reflected in the boot menu next time you boot.
Assuming that's not the problem, then the BCD might have minor corruption (not enough to cause problems, just leave litter around).
If that is the case you can clean it up by using EasyBCD > BCD Backup/Repair > Reset BCD.
Do not ignore EasyBCD's warning not to boot the system until you've added the required entries back into the BCD. (you'd be amazed how many people come here complaining that EasyBCD "broke" their system after doing exactly that. " Well, programs are always saying stuff like that ! "

The info displayed is from the ac tive partition. Changes made in the description are reflected correctly.

I am very leary of manually adding in the links. When I have done that for Windows 2012 and Windows 8, it did not do it correctly and I had to use the emergency repair disk. Is there any other option?



I look at it again and decided to try it. Before I did, here is the configuration
1) Verified BOOT order from bios as: CD, Secondard HD, Primary HD,...
2) Physically removed Primary HD
3) Verified correct operation (was able to boot to Windows 7) - verified that it showed 4 entries
4) Ran EasyBCD and verified that it still showed onlyt three entries
5) Created an EasyBCD backup (which I may now need)
6) Ran Reset BCD
7) Manually added in the three boot vectors and verified from View that they were the same as step 4
8) Saved configuration
9) Rebooted - now I am totally dead. Get "Windows failed to start."
File: \Boot\BCD
Status: 0xc00000098
Info: The boot Configuration Date file doesn't contain valid information for an operating system.

Now what or great one?



I used the Emergency Repair Disk for Windows 7. It found the boot vectors (at least two of them, Windows 7 and Windows 2012 Server) and reset them ok. I then used EasyBCD to set the default and change the description (removed the 'recovered'). Life is good, almost.

EasyBCB reports two boot vectors. MsConfig reports two boot vectors. When you reboot, you get two boot vectors. Replaced primary HD and operation still the same (all good)

When I try to add the third boot vector (for Windows 2008R2), I still get the 'Windows failed to start."....


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What do you mean by
"8) Saved configuration"
In 7, you add new entries. Done !
I can only assume from your description of what happened next that you did something horrific like
8 > BCD Deployment > Install W7 bootloader > Write MBR !!!!
I hope not, because that option is only for restoring the bootloader if it has been usurped by NTLDR or Grub when you've installed XP or Linux.
Editing existing entries is done entirely within "Edit boot menu"
Adding entries is done entirely within "Add New Entries"
You never need to enter the advanced options for routine manipulation of the BCD


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