Dual boot with Windows bootloader - error 0xc000007b


I know there are many similar topics but in some of them user wanted to use Grub[2]? bootloader, in others people installed Linux first and then Windows and the rest was posted before EasyBCD 2.2 where UEFI is supported.

So, as you guess, I have UEFI, I installed Windows first (currently Win10) and then Linux (openSUSE 13.1). I want to be able to boot both systems from Windows bootloader.

I don't know if with Linux Grub2 or Grub was installed so with the help of EasyBCD I added 3 entries to the menu: Linux+Grub2+automatic_partition, Linux+Grub+easybcd_grub+automatic_partition, Linux+Grub+manual_partition. None of them work. Here are my partitions:
Partition 1 (0xA4 - 300 MiB)
Partition 2 (0x28 - 100 MiB)
Partition 3 (0x16 - 128 MiB)
Partition 4 (C:\ as NTFS - 299 GiB)
Partition 5 (0xA4 - 480 MiB)
Partition 6 (0x6D - 2 GiB)
Partition 7 (E:\ as EXT3 - 40 GiB)
Partition 8 (F:\ as EXT3 - 590 GiB)
As manual_partition I've chosen #5 (please note that #1 and #5 have the same address - I don't know if it's important). Last 3 partitions are the Linux ones. Swap, root and home.

And here's the error (I googled my translation so it might be slightly different):
Windows failed to start... [instructions on repairing windows]
and at the bottom:
File: \NST\AutoNeoGrub1.mbr

Status: 0xc000007b

Info: the application or operating system couldn't be loaded because a required file is missing or contains errors.
It's weird because it's shown when I try to boot Linux (I can boot Windows just fine), and it's saying "windows failed to start". And if I booted the 3rd entry where I chose partition manually the file is \NST\nst_linux.mbr instead.

Moreover, I've found somewhere that "in a UEFI based system the Windows Boot Manager can only boot Windows systems".
Is it true and I have to reset BCD in EasyBCD so change Windows bootloader to grub and then add Windows or is there another solution using EasyBCD?


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You can't boot Linux from the Windows bootloader under UEFI.
See this blog which explains
EasyBCD and UEFI
Thank you for the answer and the link!

I wanted to make sure that it was the problem as I'm not good with bootloaders and such.
I'll then go with 3rd option and use grub2 as I only wanted to use Windows bootloader to learn how to do it to boost my skills a little bit.