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As per the following link all support for EasyRE is via email: Forum Closed: Send EasyRE support requests to EasyRE@NeoSmart.net

Take a look at the following first, you'll probably find them relevant and hopefully also highly helpful:
  1. Frequently Asked Questions
  2. Burning ISO images with ImgBurn
  3. Creating a bootable USB with Easy USB Creator
  4. Troubleshooting: Boot from CD
  5. Troubleshooting: Boot from USB
  6. Booting from a CD or DVD
  7. Booting from a USB drive

If you still need help, please keep in mind: it's always very important and quite essential to provide a full description of the problem you're seeing - remember that we get hundreds of support requests a day and we've seen basically all the different problems under the sun, but we can't know which one of them is what you're experiencing. When you're experiencing a problem it can be hard to realize that we're not with you and we're not seeing what you're seeing, so you can't assume we will understand what you mean.

Please provide full and complete descriptions of what happens, when it happens, when this first started, and what you tried to fix it.


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The top post has been updated with some very important help links.
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