Gray Screen with an X in the middle

My computer is stuck in a loop caused by a windows update. The system loads to the point where it says it is configuring update 3 of 3 with 0% progress. After a few minutes the system restarts. This is a continuing loop and it seems to be a prevalent problem with Microsoft from some of the other forums I have read.

This recovery CD seems to be some of the best advise I found but when I run it from the disk I burned it loads up to a point and then the screen goes gray with an X in the middle. I need to do one of two things to fix the problem.

1) System Restore
2) Delete the file causing the loop.

I can't do either because of the loop and was hoping this software would get me to the system restore screen. I am running Vista and the only thing I can think of that might cause an adverse reaction from this recovery software is that I bought the system loaded with XP on it and Dell sent me an upgrade disk for Vista, so its not a clean Vista install.

Any ideas?



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Hi Bob,

Send an email to to get a different version of the recovery CD that should boot up fine.


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And problems caused by WUD qualify for free support from MS.
Contact them before you mess with the OS.
Microsoft Support