HELP!!! Unable to run the software under Windows 10... keeps restarting on and on...


Just bought the program, downloaded the.iso and the mount tool from the site and after creating the USB went on with the booting sequence under a Dell runing Windows 10.
Gets to the Normal/VGA/Safe Mode load and i selected NORMAL start, keeps loading and running a bunch of comands under a DOS environment and suddenly restarts. Same in VGA mode as i suspected and in safe mode just stops at a DOS command line and ran out of ideas.
Runned on other Lenovo with Windows 10 and loaded 1st time all good.
The thing is that i need tu run it on the first one because i have the system boot drive E: locked by BitLock and doesnt startup anymore.
When i start it, it gives me a message below the Windows logo as its ¨Prepairing Bitlocker Recovery¨ and after that, a blue screen telling me that something did not load correctly and giving 8007139f error code.
Did some research on Command Prompt and also a paralel USB Win7 Diagnostic environment software and it appears that the E: drive that contains the boot Win 10 files had locked and cant get it to unlock. I personaly did not locked with Bitlock and have no ideea how come it had locked.
Also checked my Microsoft account as i remember on a certain moment haved signed on with the User Account and there it appears the Dell laptop on Devices and it shows it has a drive locked with Bitlocker but as i request the Password gives me a screen with "nothing to show here" or something like that like the key does not exist.
As for the lock i could find out that its locked with TPM
sorry, sent without finished is locked with TPM key protector and am able to display the following:
ID: 6904E346-77D9-4817-9F73-9424EC533DEB
All i have tried to do regarding removal of the TPM and an eventual unshown passord endsup in failure due tu drive locked and seems not to have set any password as doing password reset shows that does not have any password.
An attempt to unlock from windows explorer where the drive e: is shown withe the lock icon shows a popup box with the "There are no supported protectors on this drive. The drive cant be unlocked.


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Then the drive is toast unless a local expert can fix your machine for you. TPM locked drives can't be defeated by any software Neosmart has available. Once the drive is locked, it stays that way until unlocked using the same far as I can tell from Googling the subject.
What program did you buy? There is a money-back guarantee should it prove to be of no help: Refund Policy - NeoSmart Technologies
Hello Ex_Brit,
First of all i wish to thank you very very much for taking your time and looking it for me and answer me, i really apreciate it!!! Well, it seems that you are confirming my fears...I will go to have it looked by an professional here on Valencia, thing is that i don't really know nobody so good. Do you think it my be possible to rip data from the source drive with any tool by DOS or use brute force to override the lock? And by the way, i find it really strange that in the queue for the id and password of the lock it only displays ID and no password as in other posts i saw in google searches...Same thing happend when i looged on Microsoft account, in my intent to acquire password i got a "nothing to show here" message. It's very rare.
Thanks so much again and best wishes...
As for the tool, i'll keep it who knows when i my need it...


If you're going through hell, keep going.
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I doubt you can retrieve anything from it but a professional PC expert may have those skills, but I can't be sure of that.
I wish I had better news, good luck :wink: