iReboot Install Procedure ???

Sorry for so many questions.

I have a Windows 7 machine that has Linux Zorin OS on a separate partition of the same HDD.

Do I install iReboot twice --- once in each operating system; or, do I only install it in Windows and it will then also show in the Zorin task bar ?

Thanks for reading.
I installed iReboot in the Windows 7 side of the equation and it recognized the Linux O/S and listed it in the boot options; I right-clicked the tray icon, check-marked Zorin OS, then check-marked Reboot on Selection --- Nothing happens at this point; however, when I went to the Start menu and selected Restart, when the machine restarted, it booted into Zorin OS --- just as I had chosen.

I made attempts to install iReboot in the Zorin side of things with no success, so it must be a Windows-only program; I guess I will have to find a Linux equivalent to make this feature work when I am in Linux.

I highly recommend iReboot as it works wonderfully in a Windows environment; I just wish it would also install in Linux.


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Yes, I believe it's a .NET application like EasyBCD, so only runs in a Windows environment.