Is this product supported at ALL?

The Windows 7 Recovery Disc does not detect my Windows 7 installation ("Unable to find any valid Windows partitions on this computer!..."), yet Acronis Disk Director does without issue. I emailed the following from 2/23 - 2/28 to resolve the issue with no response thus far:

support @
sales @
support @
sales @

Anytime I've called 773-673-5563 (from http :// systemdiscs . com / Home / Contact) gives "currently unable to take your call" and didn't sound like an actual call center, but rather an outgoing-only voicemail that a questionable company would use as a front for providing a "support line".


(Note I added spaces in the emails and URL since the forum rejected the post without them for some reason...)

Mak 2.0

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Yes it is. If people bother to READ the website at all.

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Where on that page do you see to come to and ask within the NeoSmart Forums for help? Absolutely no where. So maybe instead of asking if the product is supported at all, you should be asking why your posting on a website that is not designed nor designated for support of the product you are using. You should do as the website says and send an email to the proper people.

After all you don't go to Dell's website asking them to fix your HP Computer, now do you. So why are you on for a product? There is some food for thought.