My W10 Dual boot now doesnt stop at selection screen and if does has lots of entries


I have had a recently clean install on W10 dual booting 2x W10 drives (the Windows 10, & Racing SSD)... its been working perfect until a couple of days ago where I noticed it didn't stop at the Boot selection screen and went straight to the default drive.

I went into the iReboot and there is now lots of entries in it. (see pic) but they are not all in the easyBCD menu (see pic).

I also noticed just now the default entry in easyBCD now has my H drive as default ??? again I did nothing to do this.

I didn't do anything to change anything, must of been a W10 update or something. how do I get it back to just the 2x drives and stoping at boot menu again

thanks for any help.

Capture 2.PNG
Capture 1.PNG Capture 3.PNG


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That's not a default.
When it says "EasyBCD" boot device, it's referring to the location where EasyBCD has stored files necessary to locate a "non-standard" OS (usually XP or Linux).
Not sure what's in there in your case. Don't know why it would apply to an all W10 situation unless you had a W10 installed on an MBR drive at some time (like I did with the pre-release Beta) and you were booting via legacy BIOS for a while rather than through the UEFI.
Click the "detailed" button on that view settings screen and you'll find the "real" boot drive. (your EFI system partition).
You'll also see all of the UEFI clutter listed there too. The "overview" filters them out for you.
Whatever you do, don't be tempted to "clean out" those entries if you intend to go on using your PC in the future.
The lack of a boot menu could be down to this
Windows 8 (or 10) boot problems ? Please read this before posting
A recent W10 update turned it back on after I'd removed it.