Not getting automatic Windows Updates

When I go to Control Panel, Admin tools, System Info it says I have Windows 10 Home, Version10.0.10240, build 10240. And when I go to Settings>Windows Updates>Advanced options>View your update options, there have been dozens of updates over past two years, most recently: KB4023057 was installed on my computer on 10-20-2017, last Friday.
But to find my version/build 10240 I have to go to the bottom of the update list and look in "Windows 10 (initial version released July 2015)" to see all the 10240 builds, eg., KB4038781 (OS Build 10240.17609), among many others.

And since 2015 I see there have been releases of Versions 1511, 1607, 1703, and 1709. Why don't I have any of those and does it matter? My updates is set to Automatically download. I have tried to manually download the "Creator's Update" but it gives me some kind of message or error. And now there's a "Fall Creators" version coming along.

Recently I started getting a "Failure to Update" message saying that critical updates could not be installed and giving a code of 0x80070005. I've tried a couple of fixes for that but it appears a number of things could cause that so maybe my Windows version not being updated might be one.

Can I get some ideas as to what to do next?


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If you update regularly you simply could not have that old version any more. Click the Windows key + R then type in msinfo32 and hit the Enter key. OK any prompts.
That will give your latest installed version along with a great deal of information. I have 3 Win 10's and 2 of them are 1709, the other is, I think 1703, but not sure, so it has yet to receive 1709.