Please HELP - Now getting "Other User" login in Windows Vista

I downloaded the Recovery VISTA 32 bit CD ISO and burned to a CD in order to "repair" my windows. I was able to log in to Windows, but there were a lot of issues with the windows and so I wanted to hopefully fix these. I was able to use Windows VISTA just fine, notwithstanding some errors/crashes from time to time.

When I booted from the CD, I did automatic repair. Then, when I tried booting into Windows, I can't log in! I get to a screen that says "Other Users" and then I can't get past it. Also, I can now no longer boot into Windows VISTA. And now, the f8 key doesn't work when I restart the PC and I can't get into safe mode either. I am completely stuck and need help as soon as possible. Thank you very much,

Yep, been there and done that!

I have the same end result, as do many many others I have found on the net. For all that I can gather thus far, the only practical application of this "recovery disc" is to be able to gather all of your personal files, etc. and save them elsewhere before you bite the bullet and reload your OS. One person got the response from support that they could ultimately do a factory restore, though I have not found that yet. For my $10, at least I was able to gather the files from the computer before we reload an OS. Good luck to you and let us know if you get any good or useful feedback.


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The "Other User" is a famous issue with Windows Vista that is most often the result of a corrupted user profile. There are certain viruses that trigger this error (amongst others) by wiping out the user registry hive.

If your boot problems were virus-related, the recovery CDs can get you back into Windows but they can't undelete a user profile trashed by a virus, as unfortunate as that is.
Understanding this all, I guess my ultimate question is if there is anything I can do to further try and resolve this, or if I should just accept the fact that Vista is done and I should move on to Windows 7. Ultimately, I am curious if after using the recovery disk, can I ever get back to windows Vista?
Gee JohnPen68, it's only been since September 2012 and no reply. Big surprise. It's all our fault for not making a restore disk, buying EasyRe, and believing we could get our computer back for $9.00, and restoring the "wrong" restore point.

I downloaded and did a USB temporary install of Ubunto 12.10 so my daughter can still get some use out of her computer. I can see the restore partition, but have no idea how to access it. I tried using Linux, but no joy; it won't mount the volume for some reason. If I could get the restore to work, we'd be back in business with Vista if I understand much of what I have been reading elsewhere.