Product key info from Win7


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I run the version 1.1 and I don't get the BIOS Embedded
The system was an ASUS that I buyed in 2011 just before Windows 8
I get a free upgrade to Windows 8 that I did
Then I get the Windows 10 free upgrade

My questions are:
is Why I don't get the BIOS Embedded?
Is it a limitation of the tool when running Under Windows10?

Thanks for the help


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If you have a sticker on the PC case (or with the installation DVD if you built the PC yourself) Capture.JPG
then there won't be a key embedded in the BIOS.
The embedded key is to save the OEM the bother of putting stickers on the case, and having them end up like this


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many thank
I am in the first situation. So the tool work great no OEM key displayed is normal.
I dont' fullly understand how I could reinstal the system/Win7 with the sticker key information and have Windows activated
But well now I can reinstall Win10 and being activated without any key as my installation ID is stored at MS