UEFI mode no longer bootable after using ER essentials Windows 10

I have a new Lenovo 300 with Windows 10 pre-installed. Yesterday I was attempting to create a dual-boot with Win 7 using EasyBCD. Long story short, I couldn't find a work around and eventually because I made some bad choices, I received an error message on startup "/BCD" and couldn't boot into anything.

So, in BIOS I turned off secure boot, changed from UEFI into legacy mode, and used the Easy Recovery bootable CD to "fix" my problem.

Thankfully, this worked and allowed me to boot into Win 10 once again.
Unfortunately, when I then changed the boot mode back to UEFI and turned secure boot back on, I could no longer boot my computer.
The boot menu had no option to boot from an HDD or CD/DVD or USB, just one option with PXE in the title.

Any ideas on how I might be able to fix this problem and once again be able to boot into UEFI?
Any advice would be much appreciated.

It also seems that using the ERE recovery disc had made changes to my partitions and there is no longer a "Recovery" partition put there by lenovo, so I can't restore my computer to factory default.

As you can see, there's no longer a bootable drive under EFI


As you can see, there's no longer a bootable drive under EFI

Same thing if I change boot mode to UEFI
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There is no support for EasyRE here in these forums. See the locked area here: Forum Closed: Send EasyRE support requests to EasyRE@NeoSmart.net - all support for that is via email and remember, EasyRE is not meant as a substitute for a system disk so may not work in some cases.
If you want a refund email sales@neosmart.net thanks.
Thanks, but a refund isn't going to fix my computer.
To have a product that claims to do so much and then offer no customer support seems a little strange and a lot disappointing.
I knew using it that it wasn't a replacement for a system disk, but I didn't think it would make such fundamental changes to my setup


If you're going through hell, keep going.
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I'll see if I can elicit an answer for you.


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Hi Howy,

I'm glad to hear that EasyRE resolved your problem and made it possible for you to boot into your PC once more.

EasyRE most certainly does have support! Forums are normally for community, member-to-member support for most software and products - the official support channel for EasyRE is via email where all incoming support requests are triaged and escalated as necessary.

Looking at the screens you posted, I'm not certain what happened but I think I have an idea. The UEFI spec says that in the presence of both MBR and GPT metadata for disk partitioning, the GPT info should win out. EasyRE, as part of the repair process, includes a MBR-GPT resynchronization module that ensures there are no conflicts between the two. If your firmware's UEFI/GPT implementation is buggy (and many or even most are), there's a chance it's using the MBR info instead of the GPT info now and it therefore does not see the UEFI boot data.

Your partitions are definitely still there as EasyRE does not touch them, but depending on which "view" of the disk is being used, you might not be seeing them all there. We have a beta version of EasyRE that attempts to work around these limitations - shoot us an email and we'll get that to you.