Vista 64 Bit - EasyRe Does Not See My Hard Drive

Good Morning!

EasyRe downloaded, and was successfully imgbrn'd.

It boots, but it reports that it cannot find the system hard drive..

The problem is with my HP Pavilion p6177c. The system comes up with a check disk options. There are no problems with my hard drive, but it says that I have a corrupt system. System Recovery Options lets me try to do a restore. There are numerous checkpoints, and I have tried many, but after it almost completes, it suddenly goes away with no errors or warnings. When I use command prompt, I can see that files are there.

Why does EasyRe not see my C: drive and not let me System Restore from there?



PS If you need more info or this message is not clear, please let me know.
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Mostly Harmless
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What's the original problem you're trying to repair?