Vista mbr repair

Ok so I downloaded the vista repair(to get rid of grub bootloader) and burned the iso to a dvd. When I put it in it loads up fine and seems to work but then it tells me to remover a portable music player thats on the machine. I have no idea whats its talking about or what music player it has the issue with. BTW this is a hp dv7 1285dx that runs vista 64.

Im not a big computer guy so any help would be great


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Hi Gixer, welcome to NST.
Did you boot the DVD, or are you trying to run it from inside Vista ?
Instructions are in the wiki.
I shut down the computer and let it boot the cd on start up


I followed all the instructions in section 1 and 2 and that how i got the error in the first place. I tried step 3 and none of the commands that it says to enter work.Im lost


Well I got it figured out. I installed easybcd and repaired the mbr so it seems ok now. thanks for the help
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