Vista not booting

The Problem:

Turn on computer and the Gateway screen appears, then the windows progress bar starts. Bar and Windows logo disappear and then to black screen. Some times passes and then cursor appears on black screen.

What I have done to this point:

I have the Operating System Disc that came with the laptop. I went in and changed the boot sequence so I could run the disc from my external dvd/cd drive. I started the computer with the disc already in the drive and the Gateway screen came up and then the message hit any key to..... Which I did and the Disc began to load files. The progress bar completes and then nothing happens. Then after a while to black screen and then cursor.

Was afraid I would lose all my data and graphics I need for my shop so I downloaded Ubuntu and did an image burn and was able to copy everything.

Next, I paid and downloaded your Recovery disc for Vista. I did an image burn and loaded the disc in my external drive. Started the computer, hit any key to run the disc and that worked fine.

I followed the instructions and did a automatic repair on both C and D. I rebooted with the boot sequence back to default and still the same problem.

So now what? Oh and before you ask there is no detectable restore point on either C or D.


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