Vista recovery disk is not solving yet my problems


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I have bought earlier this week the Windows Visto Home Premium recovery software and made a CD and ran it on my Dell XPS 430 computer.
It seemed to work ok but i am stuck with a windows like opening screen with "Other User" and i need to log in .
I cannot log in under my own username and password. What can be done now????

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Have you done a web search for "other user" virus ?
It sounds like you might have been infected.
Searched the web but couldnot find an "easy"solution to this Other User virus, reiinstalling of the OS is mostly the way to solve it with loss of all data.
If i use the option that the recovery DVD is offering to copy my data to an external drive first, is there a chance i would copy the virus with it??


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It's not very likely that your user data is infected.
The nature of a virus is that it infects the OS files in order to control your PC.
That's why it's generally not possible to fix things from within the OS, (assuming the virus lets you in at all).
The repair CD is an OS in its own right, and being on CD, immune from attack.
You can safely use it to copy all of your documents, photos, spreadsheets etc. to external storage.
If that external storage is one or more flash drives, take extra precautions.
Some viruses spread themselves by placing a copy on any USB device plugged in to an infected PC and you can propagate them by moving the device to a new host. That includes your freshly repaired PC, so make sure that you format any flashdrive before you copy anything to it, if it was ever connected to the infected PC.
Don't take it to another "clean" PC to do that. Use an uninfectable environment like your repair CD to make sure that anywhere you're going to copy your user files is formatted spotless first.


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Jan, if it would help any I can let you have a complete Vista with SP2 DVD OS image. As long as you use your own key it should be fine.

All you'll need to do is extract the zip and burn it as a bootable DVD,

If this were my machine I would completely format and reinstall the OS. At least with the above you'll be up to SP2 and will have fewer updates to go to be current.

I would need to know if it's 32 or 64-bit then I'll PM you the download link for my cloud storage, or post your email address, munged to avoid 'Bots' as in abc AT xyz DOT com.

From what I read this thing emanates from certain file sharing sites amongst others. You have to be really careful these days.
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