W8 not booting AT ALL!

Hi all, I'm new here...got a Toshiba L50 laptop. After installing updates it froze at 84%. Needless to say the thing won't boot at all. Tried the NeoSmart East Boot Essentials on USB using the Easy USB creator but even that won't get it to boot. It does recognise the USB drive as it's set to go to USB first but then it goes to teh Toshiba boot screen and says its "Attempting to to recover installation" then "Restoring your previous version of Windows".
When I press F12 to enter the setup I try HDD recovery. All it says is what is in the attached photo??

Anyone? BSOD.JPG


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Assuming you can't find any recovery environment, you would most likely need a genuine Windows 8 DVD to reinstall or repair the system. EasyRE is not meant to be a replacement for system discs. You can obtain a refund if you want to, Here. Any help for EasyRE is now only via email as per: This Post.
That all said, Windows 8 is now obsolete and should be upgraded to 8.1 at least.


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