Windows 10 will restart in one minute loop

As the title says. My computer was infected with malware, and I ran a few cleaners and antivirus programs. When rebooting I got this error.

I have tried booting from USB, but attempts to system restore says the drive that Windows is installed in is locked. I have run bootrec.exe commands and chkdsk. EasyRE was a last ditch effort. I'm getting the following problems with EasyRE:
-Automated Repair shows my data partitions but System Restore and Automated Repair buttons don't recognize my Windows installation.
-Browse/Backup Files shows both partitions and lets me browse but lists as "Unknown Windows (<drive>)
-Partition Editor straight up crashed EasyRE.
-Internet Browser and Command Line do not recognize my laptop keyboard and cannot connect to internet, not sure if this is worth noting.

Would anyone be kind enough to offer suggestions on what to do now?
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