Windows 10 & XP dual boot

Hello, I am interested if the EasyBCD program can help me with dual booting Windows 10 & XP , even if my motherboard manufacture tells me it's not supported.

If it can help me, then I would like to know the best way how I can set this up. I would be installing both OSes on separate HDs. So should I install XP first on one HD and then 10 on the other? Also what settings do I have to configure in the Bios ? Don't want to mess this up, so any advice as to procedure and the exact order in which to do this would be very welcome!


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Provided this is not a UEFI/GPT system
Install each system (either order) on its HDD with the other HDD disconnected.
Connect both HDDs and boot with the XP HDD first in the BIOS boot order.
From XP remove the disk letter for the HDD partition containing W10, so that it doesn't appear in Explorer and make sure System Restore is set only to monitor the XP partition.
(this is to prevent XP "seeing" W10's system restore point folder and trying to "fix" it (i.e. destroy it and its contents))
Change the BIOS boot sequence to put W10 first
Boot W10, use EasyBCD to add an entry to the W10 BCD for XP (Let EasyBCD find and configure XP boot automatically, don't change what it sets up even if you think it's made a mistake - it hasn't)
Set W10 System Restore only to monitor its own partition.
That's It.