Blog Updated

The NeoSmart Blogs (aka Ramblings of a Computer Guru) section of our website has just been updated to WordPress 2.0 Beta.

We have been actively testing this software and aiding in its development off of local servers, now we are just getting to the point where we take it to the production-level line.

While WordPress claims that this will not raise the quality-level of posts, we believe otherwise. Stick around and check out the difference for yourself :)

Most differences at the moment are in the Admin “Dashboard,” therefore not visible to the public. However, if you choose to comment you will notice some very nice differences. Hopefully the final or other betas will contain more hands-on updates for our faithful viewers.

In other news, our inbox at NeoSmart ( has been recently (why all of a sudden??) flooded with questions about our use of the default themes on the forum and the blog. Just like to let you all know that these are temporary, until we get our new site design (check out the forums for more details!) up for the main website, then we will go from there to make matching skins for the other sections..


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