Windows Vista Crashes, BSODs, and System Failures on Hibernate, Resume, and Wake

While Windows Vista has a whole host of new features to offer, it has one major problem that just won’t go away: it’s totally FUBAR’d after you resume from sleep or hibernate. Unfortunately, many of these issues weren’t present during the beta stage, and were somehow introduced in the RTM build of Windows Vista. This exclusive NeoSmart Technologies report describes some of the symptoms in detail, and we even provide links to possible fixes by Microsoft. All issues have been duly reported and confirmed by Microsoft, so this isn’t just some figment of our imagination. A number of these patches are scheduled to be included in Windows Vista SP1 (Codename Fiji).

Few computer “enthusiasts” turn off their PCs. Even with Bill Gate’s promised 6-second-boot (we’ve clocked an average of 42.6 seconds here on 8 different PCs), turning on a PC via a cold-boot requires waiting for all the various programs to load, the network to establish, the security policies to propogate; and you don’t get to brag about never turning off your PC – plus your uptime restarts. The alternatives were either hibernation (for laptop owners) or “Deep Sleep” for the rest.1

Throughout the beta, Deep Sleep in Windows Vista went great. It’s the default option (so long as it’s configured in the BIOS) when you click the shutdown button.2 It would put your computer in a low-power mode that recovered in a matter of 2 or 3 seconds, and didn’t crash! But in the final version of Windows Vista, something is very, very majorly wrong. On 6 of the 8 tested systems,3 recovering Windows Vista from a hibernate or Deep Sleep results in one of the following:

  • When recovering from a hibernate: “Cannot find uxtheme.dll” appears whenever you attempt to run (almost) any program. No matter what you do, you can’t even run Task Manager. What’s worse, a restart doesn’t fix it, and because Windows Explorer also fails to launch with this error, you need to boot from the DVD and use System Restore – Safe Mode won’t work!4
  • Failure to establish a network connection. Everything looks OK, but you can’t connect to the internet. Your LAN signal will be there, but the internet just doesn’t work. You must restart to fix it.
  • Poor performance: though Task Manager will show normal CPU load, some of the drivers (they don’t appear in TaskMan) will attempt to use 100% of the CPU, resulting in a very laggy PC. You need to restart to fix it.
  • No DWM. For no reason, DWM just won’t re-appear. This happens on ATi and nVidia, with or without the latest official drivers from the companies themselves. Manually running “dwm.exe” doesn’t work, you need to restart to fix it.
  • BSOD on recovery. This is usually caused by the video drivers, and may or may not indicate something wrong with the kernel itself.
  • No sound. Vista goes mute. Nothing you can do about it, no way to revive it, you just have to restart and let the re-done sound-stack load-up the way it should.

All of the above errors and more occur randomly and make using hibernation down-right impossible (unless you’re willing/eager to run System Recovery from the DVD!) and Deep Sleep a waste of time (seeing as you have to restart to “quick recover”). Most of the errors are indicative of a problem somewhere deep in the kernel, and it’s not going to be easy to fix it. Some people are blaming this on the PC/Hardware/BIOS itself, but it’s not the BIOS’ job to support the OS,5 and the only thing to blame here is a buggy ACPI model.

We’ve notified Microsoft of each of these errors, we’ve been told they’re real bugs and a fix is in the works for some issues, others are just as much of a mystery. Some of these can be solved when ATi and nVidia release their final (hopefully bug-free) drivers for Vista. Others may not be as willing to go away. Either way, an operating system that you have to shutdown in order to save on power isn’t exactly the biggest business model. The only good news is, this bug only recently made its way into Vista, so that may just mean it won’t be too hard to squash. For now, if you really need to keep your PC on all day and all night, check the list below for hotfixes that may work for you.

Patches by Microsoft (Updated 06/12/07)

Here’s a list of patches by Microsoft related to Vista and wake/resume problems. You may have to call MS directly for access to some of these patches. Stop errors are blue screens (BSODs).

  • [KB-928135] – Windows Vista hangs on resume/wake
  • [KB-928135] – USB-Related crashes on resume/wake
  • [KB-929734] – Many problems on resume/wake
  • [KB-927341] – “Manage Discs” WMP feature slow to respond after resume/wake
  • [KB-933872] – Default Gateway missing after wakeup
  • [KB-933778] – Applications with HotStart fail to load after wakeup
  • [KB-929685] – No (HD) audio upon resume/wake (possibly permanantly)
  • [KB-929577] – No bluetooth on resume/wake
  • [KB-929762] – Stop error 0x9F on machines with firewire (IEEE1394) upon resume/wake
  • [KB-929909] – Intel 945GM Chipset PCs won’t wake/resume
  • [KB-930311] – No network with stop error 0x0000007E after resume/wake
  • [KB-930495] – No firewire (IEEE1394) after resume/wake
  • [KB-930570] – usbhub.sys stop error 0x00000044 on resume/wake

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  1. “Deep Sleep” is configured in the BIOS, and refers to the use of S3 power-saving mode instead of the default S1 setting. In S3, you’re machine actually kills the power to everything but the memory, and uses up about as much power as a single, tiny light (like those powering up your Christmas lights). And you get to instantly turn your PC back on, with all your programs running and in a matter of seconds (for real!). At least, that’s how it’s supposed to work. 

  2. As opposed to using the shutdown menu, and selecting an option from there. 

  3. All systems are modern, 100% x86 ACPI-compatible systems running Windows Vista Ultimate Edition, RTM. No systems are using non-signed Vista drivers, and no buggy software is installed. 

  4. We obviously didn’t mess with uxtheme.dll, didn’t patch it, nor did we try to install any of XP’s theming software… 

  5. Assuming, of course, that the BIOS conforms to the basic standards already defined and used by BIOS manufacturers everywhere 

195 thoughts on “Windows Vista Crashes, BSODs, and System Failures on Hibernate, Resume, and Wake

  1. Folks,

    Make no mistake about it – it’s a real problem. I have logged 16 hrs on with tech support on this and my problem still exist. I’m now waiting for research to call back – in the meantime I’ve been down for 4 days now.

  2. INTEL® Core 2 Duo E6600



    512MB GEFORCE 7900GS

    WINDOWS VISTA Ultimate

    Just spent 2 days recovering a brand new PC with Vista ultimate, all caused by the sleep ‘feature’ killing Vista ! Could not even boot from a clean restore of Vista using the 1506 BIOS !

    Following the crashes when using sleep, could not boot a clean install of Vista using BIOS 1506 and eventually needed to upgrade BIOS to 1901, this allowed me to boot and finally get Vista up and running with TV card and latest Nvidia drivers.

    Vista/applications seem OK, but sleep mode is still a big no no and I’ve had enough of backup/restore over the last 2 days and nights.

    Any news on a fix for this, as the general consensus appears to be that its a Vista, not a bios, problem ?

  3. Woo hoo!!  It happened again, but this time I received the following message (after “Check for a solution to the problem”).  Please note the HUGE mea culpa (“my fault”) offered by Microsoft in the message.

    Call Microsoft Corporation for a solution
    This problem was caused by Windows Vista. Windows Vista was created by Microsoft Corporation.

    A solution is available that will solve this problem.


    An update is available from Microsoft Support Services that fixes the problem you reported. Microsoft recommends that you only request the update if you consider the problem to be critical.

    To get the update, call Microsoft Product Support Services. When contacting Microsoft Product Support Services, reference Microsoft Knowledge Base article .

    If you do not consider the problem to be critical, we recommend that you wait for the fix to be included in the next service pack for Windows Vista.

    WOW.  I’m giving it a try now.

  4. Ack.  No dice.  After 40 minutes on the phone with MS Support to get the hotfix – Windows6.0-KB931671-x86.msu, I applied it.  I rebooted, browsed the internet, clicked the sleep/suspend button with my mouse, waited a couple of minutes, pressed the power button on the laptop to power it back up, unlocked the screen, and… no network connectivity.  The Network Sharing Center just showed a blank white window.  Then, as I expected, Vista crashed with the same BSOD “DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE” or whatever.  After rebooting, the problem resolution tool told me that there was a solution to this problem… but it was the solution I just tried.

    So, I wait patiently for another “fix” while I consider getting a new Mac Powerbook.

  5. doh you got me excited there for a minute, scott…  I might try it just on the off chance that i get better results…  thanks for posting the info…

  6. I am prevented from sending the file to you.  The usage agreements, end-license-agreements, and support agreements clearly prohibit the redistribution of the file by me.  That said, I’m sure that you’ll have no trouble finding a source for the file.  We all look forward to your findings.

  7. I just did a bit of research of my own, my MS contact says he has absoloutlely no idea why they gave you that update for your problem.

    This is a very specific hotfix, and it only addresses issues where you get this only when you are connected with a modem to the internet, and you put your PC to sleep. If you have this issue when your not using a modem, this hotfix doesn’t apply.

    I understand about the EULA, thanks anyway.

    Here’s the KB-article that clears up the hotfix and when its needed:


  8. Major Update

    I’ve received a list of related issues, patches, and hotfixes from Microsoft. You can see the entire list above, but there are many KBs involved. None of these can be had from Windows Update at the momement. You must manually download the hotfixes you need.

    Some of these hotfixes can only be obtained over the phone. Just tell the Microsoft support representative you found this hotfix via the article on NeoSmart Technologies at and describe your problem in detail to the support professional. They’ll email you the update free of charge if they think it’ll solve the problem you’re experiencing.

    These updates will later, upon further testing, find their way into Vista SP1 or a Windows Update release, if you’re willing to wait it out.

  9. FYI, the touch pad issue on wake-up occurs in my ACER (purchased with Vista pre-installed) about once a week (machine is put to sleep several times a day).  The solution for this was:  Control Panel|Mouse|Device Settings … then press the “Reset Devices” button.  The Device Settings tab appears to be a Synaptics tab so it might be different for other notebooks.

    But it does work and you can get there all via keyboard.  Annoying, but no reboot required.

  10. I read your article about sleep/hibernation problems with Windows Vista and, quite frankly, I thought you were talking about another Windows Operating System entirely.   I’ve used Windows Vista Home Premium (off the shelf software, not beta) now since its release and have had none of the issues you have discussed here, and I hibernate my Compaq Presario PV5119US laptop all the time. 

  11. Paul, it’s not FUD. If software development were as simple as “If it works on my machine, it’s bug-free” then Windows would be the most stable piece of code ever. Don’t think that MS makes it buggy on purpose, these bugs only appear when testing on different platforms with different software, settings, configuration, and hardware.

    Anyway, as the Slashdot users were pointing out (thank you!), how can it be FUD if Microsoft admits to these sleep-related shortcomings, and ATM, 80% of all the SP1 patches are for sleep/hiberation-related issues?

  12. I installed MS Vista Business 32-bit on my P4 3.2 Ghz, 1GB RAM, Asus P5GD1 (Intel 915P chipset), and I too am having issues with the Hybrid-Sleep function.  Sometimes it work, sometimes it doesn’t.

    I have tried putting my computer into sleep maybe 30 times now, but every few attempts, the computer will completely FREEZE up either just BEFORE shutting down into sleep mode (computer still powered-on but frozen), or, if it does properly enter sleep, it freezes AFTER I try to restart the computer.  This happens, on average, every 3rd or 4th sleeping procedure.  It’s random; it can freeze the first time, or the 8th time– there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason.  All I can do is hit the power or reset button the computer.

    I have tried different many different settings– both hybrid-sleep and just sleep, and other Device Manager Power settings for mouse, keyboard and LAN to no avail.

  13. I’m not having any of these issues you folks are having with Vista Home Premium on my Vista-Capable (designed for XP) laptop, a Compaq Presario PV5119US.

  14. I have the sllep problem on my new Dell XPS that was loaded with XP then upgrade to Vista!!

    I wish I could put Vista’s ASS in a DEEP SLEEP forever!!!Vista sucks!!

    E-mail sucks!!Speed sucks!!Sleep Sucks!! I ask Dell if I could just load XP back on my System and they told told me it would be a real pain to do so.

    So why did they charge me an 30.00 for XP re-install?

    Dell and Vista are both alike….GIMMIE YO MONEY AND *#$% YOU!!!

    Hope yall check my &^%$#) GRAMMER!!!!

  15. Well I am having big problems with suspend / resume on my Acer TravelMate 5620 with Vista Ultimate. This machine is “Windows Vista Premium Ready”. On resume (every time) hangs for a while then prompts to boot into safe mode.  The only way to get back into normal is to boot into safe mode then restart. So obviously I can’t use suspend / sleep at the moment.

    Also after booting (event on a normal start) – my dual monitor set up keeps swapping the screens around the wrong way – really annoying! 

    Sure hope SP1 is our quickly or I might just go back to XP!

  16. I have a brand new Gateway system. Right out of the box, you boot it and everything works fine. I can access the internet using my DSL with no problem. If I put the machine to sleep or hibernate it, when awakened it will not access the internet. The system still sees the internet connection, I can go to command and ping my I.P. provider with no problem but to use my computer/internet explorer I have to restart my system. Gateway has been of no help, matter of fact saying that they have customer help is a joke. Based on this experience alone, I will never buy another Gateway.

    Is there a workaround a non-professional I.T. person can use to make my system work from “sleep/hibernation” ?

  17. Randy, your problem is EXACTLY like mine.  In fact, if you wait long enough after resume, your computer might get a “blue screen of death” (BSOD) with a POWER_STATE_FAILURE message.  After resuming from sleep, mine actually will hang while shutting down, and I have to press-and-hold the power button for 5 seconds to force a power-off.  The bad news: There is currently no workaround that anyone (techie or non-techie) can do to fix it.  I have a Gateway MP8708 and haven’t bothered calling Gateway support.  I am hoping that Visat SP1 will solve the problem, but I can’t be sure!

  18. Uh, correction: HOLY CRAP – I found a fix to my problem.  I installed it and it worked!  I have a Gateway MP8708 laptop and had a problem similar to the one Randy just described.

    KB Article: 929734 – “You may experience problems after you resume a Windows Vista-based computer from sleep or from hibernation”  —

    They sure didn’t make it easy to identify, but my clue in the sea of clues was the phrase “…after this problem occurs, the computer may stop responding when you try to shut it down or to perform a restart.”  This is a hotfix, so I had to call MSDN tech support (and evade their insidious ‘you must pay’ mechanisms.  Once I connected to a human, all I had to do was say “I need a hotfix” and give him the KD Article ID.  Hotfixes are definitely available at no charge to MSDN subscribers, and maybe available free to everyone?  The support rep warned me that this hotfix was not regression tested and that they recommend performing a full tape backup of the machine before installing the hotfix.  (I, of course, did not do a full backup.  I live for the adrenaline.)

    Best wishes to all of you who have not yet found your fix.  I felt your pain.

  19. Wow, I’m really happy you got that working, Scott!
    929734 is in our list up there, the very first one actually – if only they’d made them available on their site maybe one wouldn’t need a very good reason before just downloading it and seeing if it works.

  20. Scott, thanks for taking the time to post a possible fix for my “Vista” problem. I downloaded the hotfix and gave it a try but unfortunately it didn’t solve my problem. Still I appreciate you trying to help me with this mess.

    I have just about reached my maximum frustration point and will most likely return my new system to Best Buy where I bought it. I will then return to my trusty old XP system which has never given me a single problem.

    In the big picture, after this experience and trying to get help from Gateway and Microsoft, if appears that they really don’t care if I am a happy customer or not. There to big to care about one customer. If I return my system and leave dissatisfied, they apparently don’t care.

    Again, thanks for the information on the Hotfix. Good luck to you and all who “TRY” Window Vista.

  21. Thanks for the hotfix Ronald.
    Unfortunately the download link you provided is only valid for paid subscribers to Microsoft’s software assurance program.
    However, I’ve added a link to the main knowledgebase article in the post above.

  22. my Acer (brand new, Vista ready, AMD64, cheap but decent) will not respond AT ALL, to any button push, after going to sleep.  You computer geeks give me a headache….HOW DO I FIX THIS?  ACER sent me to this web page, and I still am making zero progress.


  23. I have a lappy badged Vista compatible, and Lenovo supports it as such, but it still freezes often on wake up.  I’m installing Intel’s AHCI driver right now, as the KB says the (945GM) problem doesn’t occur with it.  Sucks that they won’t give me the patch.  I don’t feel like downloading it off some sketchy website, and I really don’t feel like calling support right now.

  24. One possible solution for systems with nVidia graphics:

       [BUG] ?On resume from hibernate or sleep, the monitor only shows black but the computer is powered on. This can be worked around by completely turning off your computer and then restarting it.”

       [FIX] nVIDIA believes this issue is fixed in v101.32. Please download the new driver and if you are still experiencing problems, please submit a bug report.?

    The latest beta is what finally worked for me; and I did not use any hotfixes.  But after I installed the driver, the HIBERNATE option disappeared. See this for more info:

  25. The comments that “if this were Linux, failures like this would be treated as the end of the OS” are hilarious, and couldn’t be further from the mark. The latest supported distributions of Linux from Novell and Red Hat can’t even sleep or hibernate on my new laptop (or my old one, from a different manufacturer) without adding unsupported patches from random sources, and even then it doesn’t fully work. The difference is I don’t really expect Linux to work with all my hardware, so I just shrug off the failures. With Vista, I expect it to fully support every piece of hardware in my computers, and if it doesn’t, I’ll complain. I think a lot of Linux + Windows users have similar expectations.

    Whether it’s Linux or Vista, the real problem is you need support from the hardware firms. If they don’t write high quality drivers or provide specs for their hardware, there’s nothing the OS can do to magically make it work properly. Where Microsoft have the advantage is in having the support infrastructure to report all of the various failures sent in from users to the hardware firms, with debug dumps and other details, as well as the market power to (usually) convince them they should actually fix their drivers.

  26. …i too have wake up problems.  New Acer desktop 1.8 duo with 2GB ram.  Had Vista Home Premium installed on it, and bought Vista Ultimate and installed that – need remote desktop.

     In Home version, sound would disappear and just get the default gong.  Now with Ultimate, my Sidebar items don’t function, like the weather/temperature.

     As for booting up, from the login screen it is 20 seconds loading everything.  Partially not MS fault, could be Kaspersky checking everything, but no different in boot up time from my old XP with TrendMicro with a P4 2.8 1GB.

    Apart from that, my Corel PaintShopPro is dog slow now whereas on XP loved it.

    I spent $300 for dang FPI – Fisher Price Interface, should have stuck with XP.

  27. Yeah, it’s listed above. I’m not sure if the distribution of these packs is legal under the Microsoft EULA, so we’re not providing download links in the article.

    Glad you found that works though 🙂

  28. My machine fails to wake (power comes back on, fans going etc but no windows) from sleep.

    The weird part is that my motherboard, cpu, memory, graphics card (Core 2 Duo E6400, 2 gig of corsair xms-2, Abit F-I90HD MATX motherboard with onboard Ati x1250 graphics) worked fine in my antec sonata case with Vista Ultimate but when i moved the components to a new Antec NSK2400 case and did a fresh install of Vista Home Premium on a new hitachi hard drive i can no longer wake from sleep mode.

  29. Thank you very much for this article!  The first two hot fixes on your list fixed an issue I was having on my Dell Precision; I would put it to sleep at night, and at around 5am it had a task scheduled that would wake it up.  50% of the time the computer would freeze immediately after waking, and I’d find the login screen frozen on the screen.  The two hotfixes seemed to have fixed it.


  30. Ugh, my computer was frozen this morning after waking itself up.  So I guess the patches I applied weren’t the real solution to my problem.  And the other patches don’t seem to address my issues.  I hope Microsoft fixes this soon.

  31. my laptop does not have a problem with a usb, firewire, network or other kind of device, BUT the screen does not turn on after sleep mode. and the links below explain the problem to fix, and none is my case…

    does nomeone knows anything else? 

  32. I have a brand new machine (Sony Vaio) with Vista pre-installed. Didn’ have choice, Sony has switched to Vista first day. It has (or had) some of these sleep/wakeup problems. I think this definitely means that either Mircosoft or Sony are at fault, or probably both.

    What I really don’t understand is one thing: what are Vista’s advantages? I am sure there are (or will be) some, but at the moment all it is giving me is a lot of headache, plus runs slower than XP would (ttat’s hearsay, I didn’t run XP on it) and eats battery more quickly.

    If anyone knows any advantages, please let me know. Sorry I am not a professional (by a long shot).

  33. Interesting thread.  I just stuck my head up to see if there were any recent progress in this area for XP.  My history of the problem goes like this.  My old P III 1.13 Dell Inspiron with XP had no problems whatsoever.  Then I purchased a Dell Inspiron 9400 Centrino Core Duo loaded up and Gold Technical Support.  It’s been through all new internal components once, that means MB, Video, hard drive 3 times, memory twice, Blue-Tooth twice, etc.  Next was a complete system replacement.  After that was a new video again.  I have at least 60 hours working with tech support, and at least 240 hours working on the problem.  The problem can be avoided entirely if the only thing on the computer is the OS, and no updates.  I’ve proven that.  However, even if you simply add Microsoft Office and do the critical updates to the operating system, the problem will return. 

    You will hear lots of theories on the KB about “some” process running that prevents etc.  You can cross that decoy off your list.  They had me chasing so many rabbits in this area that I lost track.  If there is a process causing the problem, it’s a Microsoft process.  The only driver MS has a basis to do any finger pointing with is the video driver where they are only partially responsible.  Everything else is under the control of HAL.  I thought perhaps I should have gotten the nVidia instead of ATI.  That’s the the case either.

    The dragon has many heads, and you will see a new one every time you change your power management settings and the amount of RAM.   For instance, in my case, if I set it to hibernate when I close the lid, then when it goes into standby, it will not wake up.  The way out of that is to close the lid, wait for it to hibernate, reopen the lid, and start it back up.  If I don’t set it to hibernate when I close the lid, then sometimes the hot key can make it hibernate, and sometimes not.  It seems to be time related.  The longer you use it before you ask it to hibernate, the less your chances are of it hibernating.  When it fails to hibernate, it disables the hibernate function, it cannot be re-enabled, and the computer is unstable.  The only cure is to reboot.   I have a bag with an open top, so I put it into the bag on standby with fans facing up when I travel to a customer.  If I cut my ram to a gig, I will have far fewer problems, but that’s not near enough ram for what I do.

    The problem has slowly gotten better over time due to updates.  I don’t see that BSOD anymore.  That disappeared months ago.  IMO this is squarely a MS problem.  There are many different hardware and software combinations out there that manifest the problem.  If it were due to one of those, the problem would  be much less widespread and the offending elements identified.  The MAC has no problems in this area running on essentially the same hardware.

    Don’t hurt yourself financially chasing this rabbit.  Just stick your head up once in awhile to see if there are any finds in this area.  Chances are it will go away on its own and no amount of fretting or pushing on your part will make any difference. 

    PS:  Another such technology is Bluetooth.  I have lots of mice and keyboards, and don’t use any of them.  I have about 60 hours in this area.  If you want wireless, don’t get Bluetooth.  I’ve done Widcomm, Microsoft, and Toshiba.  At length, they are all trouble.

  34. I have a similar wake up problems on my HP Pavilion dv6000 notebook after long hours of sleep. It just doesn’t accept a regular user password, though it does accept a password for an administrator. However, there’s a difference in password complexity: administrative one doesn’t use special characters, but for the regular user one I need to use AltGr+number combination in my local language keyboard… Maybe that is the problem…

  35. We have a brand new Lenovo 3000 N100 shipped with Vista home ed.  It also has had the blank-screen of death. First time, being a laptop I couldn’t hard boot it without removing the battery (thus causing it to fail on restart and I had to rebuild it.) Second time, it decided to wake up at 3AM as Ron says, to do some routine “maintenance” and then decided to BSOD. This time, being wiser, I left it on and the let the battery run out such that it would shut down. I find it remarkable that an OS is released that causes a brand new (certified) laptop to crash. Isn’t it like buying a car but if you turn the wheel it might suddenly stop when you are driving along?

  36. The Linux kernel is already 100 times better than the Windows Kernel. That being said, it’s what the Distros do with that kernel and how they use all the other FOSS and proprietary combinations that make it as good, or better or in many cases… worse than Windows. I still have yet to find an OS I would feel safe installing on my mother’s computer. While Windows has it’s problems, and their kernel sucks ass… they still manage to cobble together a better OS than all the other contenders. That is only for the desktop mind you…. and yes… I think that Windows is better than Mac OS X, which I’ve had only friggin nightmares with.

    For servers, Linux cannot be beat as far as I am concerned… but on the desktop, Microsoft is King.

  37. I need a patch for

    [KB-928135] – Windows Vista hangs on resume/wake
    [KB-929734] – Many problems on resume/wake

     I do not manage to get them on your website.

    Thanks for providing me with the relevant program.

    Best regards

  38. well, at least i’m not alone with vista sleep problems.  my gateway laptop gets the bsod about 3 of every 5 times i try to resume from sleep mode. sometimes i get the message that a wait, attach or yield process was detected from a drc routine, and THEN i get the bsod. 

  39. I have recently built a home-theater PC running windows vista ultimate edition and my PC hangs almost every time it is awoken from sleep/hibernation modes. The PC consists of:

        Asus P5W DH Deluxe Socket 775 ATX motherboard.

        Intel core 2 duo E6700 2.67Ghz CPU

        Diamond Radeon X1950 Pro/256Mb PCI Express


        Hauppauge WinTV-PVR 500 dual TV Tuners

        Patriot Dual Channel 2048Mb PC6400 DDR2 800Mhz RAM

        Seagate 500GB Serial ATA HD

    I cant believe I paid $200 for Windows Vista and it doesn’t even work properly. Ofcourse I’m not allowed to return this faulty software for a refund! How frustrating!!!!! Maybe I should have just downloaded a pirated version instead, atleast then I wouldnt feel bad about erasing it and installing some more reliable O/S!!!


    I’ve tried installing a hot fix 

    [KB-928135] – Windows Vista hangs on resume/wake

    but this didn’t help.

    I hope Microsoft releases SP1 soon and hopefully that will fix the problem. Otherwise, I wonder if we can file a class-action lawsuit to get our money back? 🙂




  40. I have two problems, one with a Sony Vaio notebook that when resuming from sleep, the screen does not come back on and a Dell E520 desktop that will not go to sleep, pressing the sleep button simply turns the screen dark for a few seconds then pops back to life again. Any tips would be parreciated. I have installed latest graphics drivers and BIOS. 

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