Why Vista IS the Answer….

People are complainging about Vista. I’m not. No, I am not a benevolent forgiving monster.. Far from it, I’m just really happy with what I got.


I’ve been talking to the people in charge, to beta testers, to n00bs, and to know-it-alls…
MS is addressing security, skinability, aesthetics, speed, compatibility, security, media, security, and security again.

The bones I have to pick are minor, and I am sure that we can deal with them on our own through hacks and plug-ins if MS decides to go their way. I’m looking at where Vista came from, where its going to, and I like what I see.
You don’t like the orb? Res-hack it… I personally find it very aesthetically pleasing and sexy in design. IE looks like Firefox? No it doesn’t :P
Vista is on the right track..

I dislike things in the beta program/experience, but not in Vista itself. Much of what people are complaining about now comes from not knowing what Vista is, what it does, what it actually looks like, what the meaning of CTP is, or just how much dirt is in prerelease versions.

Thank you Microsoft, Paul Donelly, Jessep Bangham, Sam White, the rest of the Vista team, and thank you Bill Gates.

(those would be the biggest software company in history, the Vista project manager, IE7 admin, vista beta team manager, the guys that made vista, and the richest and most generous man on Earth ;)

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