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Thoughts on Windows Vista SP1

As we’ve previously covered, a pre-beta build of Windows Vista SP1 has been leaked to the internet recently, and we’ve been busy checking it out. You’ll be glad to hear that, so far, we like what we see.

Rather than mucking through paragraphs of text and observations, here are some quick and to-the-point tidbits about what seems to have been improved so far:


In Conclusion…

In our brief and subjective testing of Windows Vista SP1, we’ve found this pre-release Windows Vista SP1 Beta to be quite an improvement over the original (and, objectively speaking, very bad) RTM release. It’s way too early to actually make any judgements here, but we feel comfortable saying that SP1 just might be one hell of a good service pack when it comes out.

While some other reviews (well-written and otherwise) around the net have simply said that Vista SP1 “flies,” we’d stop short of making such an observation; being fully aware of the placebo effect a new build can create, and the danger of believing what you wish to be true. But suffice to say that there most certainly is a dramatic improvement in the performance of certain parts of the operating system that, overall,  undoubtedly contribute to a more positive end-user experience.

During the Vista Beta, by the RC2 milestone we were panicking about the sorry state of Vista and hoping against hope that RTM wouldn’t be as bad; today, we’re really happy to report that this latest build fills us with hope and we’re looking forward to seeing more improvements and bug-fixes as the official beta program unfolds.