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XCache and eAccelerator WP Plugins Updated

We’ve just finished uploading the latest versions of our XCache and eAccelerator plugins, now at version 0.6.

For those of you that missed the initial announcement, we’ve written two plugins that let WordPress communicate directly with memory-resident opcode PHP variable caches that are used in XCache and eAccelerator to boost performance and decrease I/O activity.

eAccelerator and XCache are the two most-popular open-source opcode caching engines for PHP, and we highly recommend that any and all hosts use them to improve PHP performance by several folds. In particular, we recommend XCache for best performance.

The update to the WordPress opcode caching plugins brings a very important stability/reliability update to the table, especially for those of you running PHP as a multi-threaded (worker_mpm, PHP as ISAPI, PHP as NSAPI, etc.) extension to your application server (which isn’t recommended with PHP!).

Aside from preventing future memory-access violation errors and heap corruption, version 0.6 fixes a minor bug that would incorrectly report that eAccelerator is installed and ready for opcode caching when it actually wasn’t.

Download XCache for WordPress v0.6

Download eAccelerator for WordPress v0.6

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NeoSmart Technologies uses and recommends XCache as the PHP opcode caching engine of choice for best performance, uptime, and stability.