4Chan Strikes Again, Hiding Porn in Kids Clips on YouTube

Please note: that this sort of post is what the losers at 4Chan get a kick out of and look forward to seeing, it’s clear that they get a perverse sort of pleasure out of hearing these complaints, but isn’t possible for anyone with a shred of dignity to let events like this go without speaking.

4Chan, a group of immature script-kiddies that anonymously post online and organize “attacks” against various groups, organizations, and websites, are it again. This time, it’s not the Church of Scientology they’re attacking, but innocent children. As the BBC reports, members of 4Chan have been uploading videos containing explicit sexual content in droves to YouTube today, specifically targeting children.

The videos uploaded by members of 4Chan consisted of children’s clips that start off innocently enough, showing cartoons and other rated-G material usually targeted at children around 5 years old, but soon enough change to videos of adults engaged in sexual activity. 4Chan has the uncanny ability to strike a nerve, driving even the most liberal of internet users to condemn their behavior as pure evil. The problem is, the anonymous 4Chan members are perversely motivated by this sort of response, and cannot be shamed into bringing an end to their disgusting activities.

This isn’t the first time 4Chan does something that can only be described as pure evil. In March of 2008, 4Chan members flooded an internet board for victims of epilepsy with fast-moving and colorful images intending – and succeeding – in bringing about photosensitive seizures in visitors to the site. The last attack was carefully planned to occur just over the Easter weekend, guaranteeing less moderator activity on the forum and giving the attackers a bigger window of opportunity to maximize their damage.

The difference between the behavior that 4Chan engages in and what just about every other script kiddy organization on the web does is that 4Chan doesn’t do it to prove a point. They don’t do it just to prove they can, they do it to hurt. And the malicious intent makes all the difference. The internet isn’t the best place to pride yourself in holding the moral high ground, but in cases like this, it’s near impossible to understand just what it is that makes people like this tick.

Obviously there is no clear solution to bringing about the end of groups like 4Chan, but someone needs to do something, or else we’re all guilty of standing by and letting evil go.

95 thoughts on “4Chan Strikes Again, Hiding Porn in Kids Clips on YouTube

  1. I think that people like the writer of this article is what keeps these scripting groups going. His outrage is palpable and it can be rather amusing to see how hysterical many people get at the very idea of some children being exposed to human nudity and reproductive activity. If you happen to be the kind of person that doesn’t instinctively view human nudity and sexuality as “evil”, it is much easier to grasp the motivation behind these acts.

  2. the epilepsy thing was “soooo” not right.
    this isn’t so good either.

  3. This sounds like an pubic attack from the Church of Scientology members to 4chan ;).

  4. Those 4chan fags are always trying to take the credit ebaums world deserves, this was an ebaums attack, and the 4chan fags just took the credit.

  5. This is why people like us hack into their sites and DDoS 4chan. They make a bad name for real hackers.

  6. I don’t usually comment on blogs, but I feel that people should know this. 4chan was, is, and will always be composed of skiddies. This is why people like us hack their sites and DDoS 4chan and other such boards. They make a bad name for real hackers, and execute stunts that bring attention to hackers. We don’t like that. Don’t mistake us for them.

  7. Biscuit are you serious? I have no problem with my young children seeing naked bodies (usually mine or their mothers, or at the beach), but imbedding HARDCORE PORN into you tube clips is sick. Young children wont understand and relate to it in anyway. It has no value to children that young. It could very well scare them and harm them emotionally. I only feel sorry for these 4chan people, or ebaums, and allothers like them. They probably had very poor child hoods, broken homes, crackhead/drunk/addict parents who never supervised them or taught them right from wrong.

  8. mitch g: do you really think that childrens that “had very poor child hoods, broken homes, crackhead/drunk/addict parents who never supervised them or taught them right from wrong” would have the willing to make that??? the persons that you describe, are people who use internet to view fotologs, facebook, youtube, and so many others, they dont care about 4chan cause they cant undestand the memes and think that is a waste of time, 4chan comunity is embeded by people that are beyond good and evil, a stupid person (that growed up in the conditions you mentioned) cant understand that there is no goodess or evilness, 4chan is a page to do things without imortants reasons, its for fun, yes, damage epilectic for fun, only that, if you enter in 4chan you will see the first place where the mind is dirctly there and not the thougts…

    and if a kid watch porn it dont damage his mind, the damage is done when somebody tells him that its wrong, like christians parents…

  9. Welcome to Internet. We at Internet would like to take this chance to remind you that we are not for everyone, and recommend you consult a professional before trying Internet. Internet is not advised for the elderly, pregnant women, children under 15, or anyone who can’t fsking handle it. Do not consume alcohol while using Internet as this may agitate side effects. Thank you for choosing Internet!

    Can’t handle it? GTFO my internet.

  10. They do it for the “lulz”, IE for shits and grins. Minimal effort for maximum returns (returns in this case being their own amusement).

    It’s fucked up, but so is the increasing trend of kids going out and killing people because they’re homeless:

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I’d rather have kids post porn onto youtube than go out wino-rolling; at least with youtube the damage is reversible, and no one dies.

  11. People who think it’s okay for children to watch porn are SICK in the head. It’s also amounts to abuse and It’s not okay period. There’s nothing wrong with sex. However. Children do not process information in the same way as adult do. They also don’t the life experiences of adults either. It also promotes sexual abuse among children. Porn films also give the notion that women are there just to be used. It warps minds. There’s too many perverts as it is. We don’t want to be creating anymore thank you very much. Obviously 4chan do things that are morally wrong because they know it will cause a reaction. Whoever says that it’s okay, is way out of line and proves my and others point that they are just Bad apples or worst rotten to the core.

  12. i never heard of hiding porn on youtube, but it’s funny.

    by the way, 4chan doesn’t organize these “attacks” for the purpose of hurting people. frankly, we do it because it’s freaking hilarious.

    4chan just proves that working together is possible, but only for a negative (or positive, in anon’s case) result.

    4chan is like a child, or animal. if you ignore it, it stops pissing people off. however, all these articles are doing is feeding “the trolls” or “internet hate machines”. and by writing these articles, you are only motivating 4chan do more malicious things. you are, in fact, a part of these attacks.

    personally, i can’t wait for the next thing anon will do.

  13. *yawn*

    We are the warm little centre of the internet, and you need us. We do it for the lulz.

  14. Not all of 4chan users are ‘script kiddies.’ That’s like me saying that all members of this website are f’ing idiots.

  15. This is hilarious. If you don’t find it so, there is something wrong with you.

    On a more serious note, this just goes to show internet security sucks. How do you expect to deal with actual ENEMIES if you can’t deal with a large group of bored teenagers?

    You should thank us for not letting you get lazy. πŸ˜€

    Also, “attacks” like these are so fun it should be a crime! owait…

  16. >In March of 2008, 4Chan members flooded an internet board for victims of epilepsy with >fast-moving and colorful images intending – and succeeding – in bringing about >photosensitive seizures in visitors to the site.
    The quote is a claim, not a proven fact.
    IMHO, the epilepsy incident was both too clever and too cruel to have been a 4chan launched raid.

    see http://encyclopediadramatica.com/Epilepsy_Foundation
    (warning, not for epileptics)

  17. Children accidentally watching like a minute of porn on youtube will NOT affect them in any way. one commenter said “Children do not process information in the same way as adult do. They also don’t the life experiences of adults either.” and you are absolutely correct! However, it will NOT warp their sexuality and turn them into perverts who think little of women because they think completely different from adults. You are an adult which is why you believe it will turn them into perverts.
    Kids can’t relate to it so therefore they won’t know what is going on, they have not matured and won’t find it sexually stimulating so they won’t get addicted, enjoy it, or even be remotely interested.
    Adults, though most are intelligent enough to just enjoy the porn and realize the difference between that and reality, some aren’t as smart and believe that since they are adults they can handle it but are mistaken and THEY are the ones who become perverts and think little of women.
    From my own experience, when i was little i was just browsing the web and i came across some hardcore porn, at the time I thought it was kinda weird and didn’t really know what it was about, so i just left that page and continued browsing. When i looked back on that i realized it was some pretty hardcore stuff but i’m fine.
    I am 14 years old now and i have been watching porn since I was 11 (and i know lots of other people that have too) and I am perfectly fine, I am not perverted and I respect women as equals, i understand that what i am seeing in porn is entirely different from how reality is.
    Of course all the adults here will classify me as a stupid teenager who thinks they are smart when they are not. Well we teenagers are obviously smarter than you if you think that even just a nude person is evil and will warp peoples minds. It has happened many times i am sure and nobody’s minds have gotten warped.
    Also, about the seizure thing, you cant justify this was 4chan and i don’t believe it was, 4chan doesn’t do anything for harm, its just harmless for laughs.
    Thanks for reading, if you don’t agree, get off the internet.

  18. I don’t think porn warps kids minds: When I was 8 years old I watched a VHS tape of porn in it’s entirity, it had everything, and did nothing for me. All that I got from the video was that women have these dark holes and men can shoot milk from their “P P”.

    I never watched porn again until I hit *shocker* puberty! That’s when I was masturbating 3 times a day, and not even to porn, to anything, to TV, to pictures of women in my textbooks.

    Kids now have cell phones and they text nude pictures of them selves to each other, there’s a whole world of kiddie porn going around and the only users are kids. Because kids from the ages of 13-18 are horny freaks and they need to express that some how.

    As for 4chan, they’re kids with nothing better to do, at least they’re home and not outside spray painting, getting drunk, high, robbing, hanging out with gangs, or getting pregnant… which most 13-18 year olds do.

  19. Uploading porn on to youtube clips intended for children is like putting laxatives in Halloween candy. It’s just cruel. Still I think the focus should be on the INDIVIDUALS doing this and not 4Chan. Blaming sites like 4Chan takes the emphasis off the specific people who are doing these things, allowing them to remain anonymous, while attacking the curious souls who just want to view tattoos of genitalia of people foreheads in the privacy of there own homes.

  20. I think neosmart should close this thread. It’s getting seriously ridiculous. It’s begining to looking a perverts forum. So consider me unsubcribed. You jack off teenagers can carry on. Talking about your porn. It’s obvously affected you. Duh! I hope one day you’ll be able to pick yourselves out of the gutter, screw your “know it all” heads on, and be adult enough to admitt that some of you attitutes and thoughts were wrong. As for the rest of you good luck.

  21. I think neosmart should close this thread. It’s getting seriously dumbed down. It’s beginning to look like a myspace forum. Consider me unimpressed. You arrogant soccer moms can carry on talking about controlling the internet like it’s cozy suburbia, it’s obvious you’ve been affected by priorities such as “WARNING: HOT” on your coffee and taking “God” out of the pledge. I hope one day someone gets the pwn they deserve for complaining about the anti-child atmosphere of a bar or ghetto. Screw the “conform to me” attitude and be human enough to admit that there are places in the world – no, you can’t handle the world outside your bubble. I can hear the “The police should be doing something!” already. You don’t even need to go to a third world country.

    Oh, and mocking poor posturing isn’t justifying anonymous, by the way. I don’t think anyone is. I just can’t let “it’s obvious I’m right”, “one day you’ll see I’m right”, “be adult enough to see I’m right” slide.

    Seriously people, “I want to talk to your supervisor!” doesn’t work on the internet. If the neighborhood kids decided to egg your car you could b and moan all you want to whoever you want but the reality is bored kids and vulnerable property have been around a lot longer than you have. Quit pretending virtual bored kids are seriuss bizness, there really are kids out there killing homeless for no reason – do I have to bring up threeguysonehammer? Go whine about something that really matters, like the number of handicap access ramps at 7-11. At least there’s someone in charge.

  22. OMG mike u are totaly spot on just like many of the anonmo’s.i am a teen , 13 nearly 14 and have been watching porn from …. cant remember exactly when but a long time ago. and there aint nothin wrong with me either!. in year 6 i got most outstanding student of the year award,i got hight in my naplan and im not a nerd.

    Also if porn concerns people because they think that there kids will get the wrong idea
    then they sould f@ckin sit down and tell there kids the right idea!(probably the most uncomfortable conversation they will have but still very necasary). let them do it if they want but tell em to use common sense.

    and as for porn on youtube.. im going there now to try find it πŸ˜‰

  23. Cos I didnt know anything about 4chan, I read up on them and what they get up to, from their wiki entry:

    “Dusty the cat

    In mid-February 2009, two videos featuring the physical abuse of a domestic cat named Dusty by Kenny Glenn, who was calling himself “Timmy” were posted on YouTube. The 4chan community, outraged by the abuse, was able to track down the originator of the videos, a fourteen-year-old from Oklahoma, and passed his details to his local police department. As a result of this, a suspect was arrested and the cat was treated by a vet and taken to a safe place.”

    Just adding a little perspective. Trying to catagorise a vast community, with divergent tastes and interests, into a single box of “evil immature script kiddies”, is deeply, deeply retarded….

  24. Whether exposure to explcit sexual intercourse harms preadolescent kids has been the subject of scientific research. Look it up e.g. at Kinsey website.

  25. I think biscuit is wrong. If a person is being raised by someone who views sexuality and nudity as evil, it will be hard for the person to deal with such things on their own all at once due to 4chan’s workings. It would be better if 4chan simply showed nudists engaged in sunbathing on a rocky beach on the black sea and applying suntan lotion and protective sunglasses, than to show adults engaged in sexual behaviors from the get-go.

    Even if someone could assume that 4chan can ‘get’ to all of it’s target market at once, and then progress to showing animals engaged in reproduction and then the human-animal nude and then engaged in reproduction, it would be a mistake. They could not control whether a person happened to come upon their materials in the middle of their ‘lessons’. They could not ensure even a measured, planned curriculum even if they offered it in stages with appropriate labels and tags. There would always be a person who only just THAT day, got a computer or internet access and would happen upon the last ‘lesson’.

    It would be better to allow for self-discovery of certain things based on the person’s curiosity. Sometimes there is a need to make the person aware of certain things before the person ‘happens’ to develop a curiosity on their own, due to the nature of the world. There is no gain from overloading a person beyond their socio-sexual maturity level.

    4chan has no way of knowing whether a person viewing the materials has either learned a healthy viewpoint from it’s parents or has Not, and would be stigmatized by it from the incorrect actions or responses of a parent who does view such things as evil. Among such responses would be punishments, or lectures espousing ‘incorrect’ viewpoints such as ‘johnny is bad if he isn’t a good religious person and watches such things’ or ‘johnny cannot touch himself anymore’ or ‘johnny did something BAD’. If a person hasn’t learned healthy viewpoints from his parents, it would STILL be better to not have been exposed to 4chans materials, simply than to even temporarily shield the person from the possible incorrect responses and teachings of such a parent.

    It is likely already that someone with full internet access and even a modest curiosity can see much more than what 4chan is attempting to subvert into cartoons. Even websites whose home page that have tags and explicit warnings which combined with a computer with a lame filter that only partially blocks websites, would afford the curious a glimpse of things to come and still show more than enough for a semi-working knowledge of almost all possible adult human sexual interactions, healthy and unhealthy. (by unhealthy I simply define anything which is degrading to the person who experiences it, if someone truly believes they are not degraded by swapping fluids orally second-had, then I say, More power to them.)

    Once satisfied, the curious person may then opt to simply watch cartoons, as their interest is a mental one and not driven by hormones. Once back to cartoons the curious person is then assaulted with unnecessary overkill with 4chans doctored videos and is either annoyed and let down because the cartoon is interrupted, or is only slightly further ‘educated’ with things they probably know something about. It is 4chan’s mistake to assume that a curious person has not seen Something of this nature, given the current state of the internet. It is not doing any harm, other than to most likely Push the sexual education of some of the curious beyond their current scope.

    4chan should take a lesson from the self-led weaning method of breast feeding. The desire to grow up and drink like everyone else does from a bottle or a sippy-cup and then a glass happens at the person’s own pace. Stopping it forcefully or without graceful steps only causes problems.

    Perhaps someone in 4chan needed to have had nicer, more understanding parents, or a better childhood. It’s not too late 4chan, stop it and grow up already, and let the curious watch what they Want to watch…

  26. Keep feeding the fire. You’re just encouraging our lulzy behavior, which apparently can be interpreted as “evil”. This is a common misconception, as Anonymous is indifferent toward the suffering of others.

    The internet is srs busns.

  27. And this is shocking to a society that inculcates youth with the fallacious notion that “choice is justification” how exactly?

    “it’s ok if you choose to fornicate” — wrong

    “it’s ok if you choose to use pornography” — wrong

    “it’s ok if you choose to download” — wrong

    “it’s ok if you choose to tolerate evil actions” — wrong

    Is it yet time to return to the values of America’s founding fathers?

  28. This is such a bias article. Just talk about it don’t say things like (quotes) “this sort of post is what the losers at 4Chan get a kick out of and look forward to seeing”, “a group of immature script-kiddies” and so forth. I’m not saying that what Anon did wasn’t bad, but if you don’t mind me saying so, stop being such a whiny little bitch. Just report on it, don’t add what you think are “accurate” remarks about stuff. How this article is written just makes me want to support them because you can’t seem to write for shit.

  29. @”that coment was so stupid…”

    You are wrong: porn has nothing to do with erotica, not even sex. Yourself have been mislead into thinking that “porn is a natural thing”, extending that idea to “thus porn cannot harm children who don’t know evil from good unless we tell them that it’s evil”… Such a binary view is worst than religiously fundamentalist binary thinking by the way, since it pretends to be libertarian however trying to justify itself by using the same twisted and convoluted rhetorics… Porn is NOT nudity nor erotica nor sex in any ways, it’s a twisted representation of VIOLENT behavior, which itself has nothing to do with any animal instinct if you’d want to argue on that level…

    Your alias being like judging someone else’s view of the matter, I’d say that not only you are stupid, but as such you’d be someone quite dangerous. I really hope you don’t have any child…

  30. This is an absolute outrage, how dare people be so mindless and disturbing, please can someone tell me how these scum bags get away with this, I have young children and I would be mortified if they came across anything like this, and it will scare a child for life. There has to be something in place to stop this obscene thing 4chan are doing !

  31. The “lulz”… just as fun as burning other people’s car, breaking windows, and so on. Poeple doing such things in real life are proud of themselves, taking it as a challenge, facing the world, yet they’re just screw ups.
    Quite the same on the Internet.

  32. Fuck i lost.

    That said.

    For anti 4 anon:
    4chan is hilarious and is soooo much more than just a bunch of bored teenagers wanting to hurt people. I mean there is a HARD CORE PORN section. THink of that? didnt think so. Anyways, there is also papercraft and fashion. Do some research, then come back and suck my dick.

    for 4 anon:

  33. Hahaha lulz
    You faggots are funny.
    I am Anonymous.
    I am an Internet Hate Machine.
    I nevar forgive.
    I nevar forget.
    This is only one of many assaults to come.
    Expect to be hearing from me soon.

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