Opera 8.5 in Short

Their [Opera’s] motto: “The Fastest Browser on Earth”
I have to ask: is the browser fast, or does it load pages fast? Either way, they need to recheck their game plan. Continue reading

And We Thought Java was the Same Everywhere!

Java. It’s that old language that runs code in a highly bloated virtual machine at slow speeds and terrible performance, especially on the Web. On a local PC, a Java’s just pure slow, but on the web Java can be … Continue reading

Opera, Redirection, Security, and You

I like Opera. Opera 9 is a great piece of software that demonstrates high levels of innovation and understanding for the audience… but there is one thing in Opera that can at once be seen as the beginning of a … Continue reading

A Cool Look at the Future Three

Dear Readers, you might find this comparison of traffic-per-browser to NeoSmart Technologies since this articles publication interesting.  Internet Explorer 7 has undeniably come a long way. Whether you like Microsoft's giant of a browser or hate it to pieces, the … Continue reading

Bad Behavior Patch for Opera Users

Bad Behavior is an excellent ‘profiling’ plug-in that deters most spam bots and attacks on web-based scripts, especially blogs, wikis, and forums. It uses a very detailed and sophisticated combination of checks and algorithms to create a ‘spammer’s profile’ and … Continue reading

Browser Traffic @ NeoSmart.net

Following our story on the different browsers of the future, you may be interested in the traffic rankings for NeoSmart.net since the story's publication:

Opera is Good to Bloggers

Generally speaking, the one sector of the online world where websites attract far more attention & traffic than money is the blogosphere. Whereas other websites stand to benefit quite a bit from the meager investments they put into their site … Continue reading

Forget about Popfly!

Microsoft promised Silverlight would be a cross-platform RIA framework. They said it would by a “Flash-Killer.” Some people believed them. We’d like to, but it seems we’re not being given the chance here. Microsoft just launched Popfly. It’s the new … Continue reading

Internet Explorer 7 Beta 3 Reviewed

This week Microsoft released Beta 3 of Windows Internet Explorer 7, and NeoSmart Technologies has a review (with screenshots!) ready for our faithful readers and members. Since Windows Vista was first announced, for many users Internet Explorer 7 was actually … Continue reading