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    [Download] Vista Hide 'n Seek BETA

    Strange CG Before installing HNS on my new pc with Server 2008 and 2x XP Pro 64 bit I tried it in a virtual machine (VmWare server 2 which runs on Server 2008). The virtual machine is configured as follows: one scsi(0:0) drive wich is the first boot drive and contains Vista 32 bit (drive C...
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    Quad boot XP32/64 & Vista32/64

    Buodonn 15 month's ago I had the same problem (booting into Vista or into XP production or XP test) Surfing on the net I found a solution and I implemented by using neogrub as the master boot manager (instead of Vista's bootmgr). How I did in easybcd 1.7.1: I renamed c:\bootmgr ===>...
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    Hide Vista from XP to protect System Restore

    Only NeoGrub menu Terry60 I had the same problem (one Vista and two XP) and I found a solution elsewhere on the web. I tried it with easybcd and it worked wonderfull. The explanation can be found in this web at : Guru's relase 2 will solve...
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    Using NeoGrub to boot into Vista or XP (one menu)

    Editor's Note: Vista Hide 'n Seek deprecates the following instructions. NeoSmart Technologies recommends that you use Vista HnS instead to accomplish a dual-boot between Vista and XP(s) where the Vista partiton's restore points are protected by hiding it from the XP installs. The installed...
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    Error installing EasyBCD 1.7

    Last night I installed EasyBCD (859KB version) and everything works fine. Vista on C: hd(0,0) XP on E: hd(0,1) XP on F: hd(0,2) Thanks to guru
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    Error installing EasyBCD 1.7

    Problem resolved Guru Because whole my pc is just reinstalled with one Vista partition and 2 xp partitions I had a look on the virus program. On every windows I have installed Bitdefender internet security 2008. - first I disabled the on acces scanner -----> no improvement (file = 777kB) -...
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    Error installing EasyBCD 1.7

    It didn't resolve the problem. Same error message!
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    Error installing EasyBCD 1.7

    Hoi I downloaded EasyBCD 1.7 and tried to install it but I got a NSIS error which says: "The installer you are trying to use is corrupted or incomplete. ........................" I downloaded it again from an other site but each time I get this error. I tried 7 other sites but no result, not...